PRoCARE by JBT A&B Process Systems


Dedicated, Responsive & Thorough for unmatched service standards.


Emergency & Preventative Service ensures optimal equipment performance.


ASME R-Stamp Certified to ensure your vessel is up to code after repairs.


Certified Welders bring superior precision to every task.


Repair, Rework, Rebuild services cover all maintenance needs.


Travel Nationwide for accessibility across the nation.


Full Offering of Spare Parts minimizes operational downtime.

Comprehensive Care for Enhanced Equipment Longevity 

As machinery becomes increasingly sophisticated, the need for precise, proactive maintenance is paramount. With the evolving demands and complexities, it’s crucial to have a service that ensures the optimal functioning of every equipment piece. PRoCARE by JBT A&B Process Systems is designed to offer unrivaled care, going beyond mere maintenance to elevate the performance of your machinery. Our service isn’t just about reacting to problems but proactively preventing them. 

Seamless Operation with JBT PRoCARE’s Expertise 

JBT’s foundation is built on a simple yet profound philosophy: our partners’ success is our triumph. With PRoCARE, we have materialized this philosophy, offering a proactive approach that addresses even the minutest potential issues, way before they pose a threat. Beyond merely ensuring smooth operations, PRoCARE is your vehicle to ever-evolving system improvement. By safeguarding against unforeseen breakdowns, PRoCARE diligently works behind the scenes, saving invaluable time and resources, ensuring your operations’ rhythm never misses a beat. 

The Distinctive Edge: PRoCARE vs. Standard PO

What truly sets PRoCARE apart is the in-depth dedication we commit. Unlike standard maintenance services, PRoCARE dives deeper, taking the entire scope of management and ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs. Add to this our predictable billing – either monthly or quarterly – and budgeting becomes a breeze. But at its heart, PRoCARE is more than a service; it’s our unwavering promise. A commitment that ensures your equipment remains in prime condition, offering unparalleled performance at every juncture.

PRoCARE in Action: Case Studies of Excellence

50 years of JBT A&B Process System’s Excellence & Support 

JBT A&B’s rich history, woven over a 50 years, is a blend of innovation in production machinery and an unwavering dedication to customer support and service. With an unparalleled depth of experience, JBT doesn’t just maintain equipment; we breathe new life into it. We don’t just offer service; we ensure each machinery’s legacy continues. Choosing PRoCARE is not merely opting for a service, but it’s embracing a tradition of excellence and innovation that has stood the test of time. 


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