Continuing to help manufacturers provide superior products with optimal taste and appearance for consumers, JBT has recently upgraded its Sta-Fresh 2952 pineapple coating solution. These new improvements provide JBT customers a plethora of new features, including superb dry spotting control, superior dehydration control, maximum flavor retention and more.  

This edition of Sta-Fresh 2952 provides the same superior pineapple arrivals and coating performance characteristics as before through the technology’s high-performance and biodegradable plant-based solution, along with added improvements stemming from the production process.  

Sta-Fresh 2952’s refined process mixes pineapple coatings more efficiently, while decreasing the possibility of clogging and filling issues in application systems and reducing foaming during each use. The end result? Consumers receive the desired flavor profile and firm texture of their pineapples when they pick them off of the shelves. 

The improved and innovative coating abilities of Sta-Fresh 2952 stem from advanced research and cutting-edge technology, coupled with JBT’s 75 years of experience in developing formulation and blending techniques. Sta-Fresh 2952 resides under JBT’s renown Sta-Fresh technology product line. 

“Our primary focus continues to be the creation and innovation of unique solutions that enhance product arrivals and value,” said Ryan Pereira, Division President JBT Corporation. “We are thrilled to bring the new Sta-Fresh® 2952 technology to our customers who can expect the same superior performance they have come to trust from us over time.” 

Learn more about the newest edition of Sta-Fresh 2952 and each of JBT FoodTech’s Sta-Fresh technologies today!