Whether supplying domestic or international export markets, you can count on our expertise for superior fresh arrivals.  Fresh produce technology is the leading global provider of postharvest solutions, and is uniquely positioned to serve you with advanced technologies and services whatever you need and wherever you may be located.

We understand the challenges packers are faced with when trying to supply superior fruit year after year at the retail level.  With each pack line so distinct, each fruit so unique, and each market so specific, achieving top quality arrivals require dynamic packing strategies. We recognize the vital need for a spectrum of coating products that can address your specific requirements throughout the season.  Browse through our line of coating products, and with help from our technical service team we are sure you’ll find one or more to suit your needs.

We produce state-of-the-art, micro-thin labels suitable for use on a broad range of fruits and vegetables. Made from polyethylene or polyurethane, our labels are designed to be extremely flexible, providing a wrinkle-free appearance on a multitude of surfaces. This flexibility in combination with advanced pressure-sensitive adhesives, ensures that our labels have superior performance from the packinghouse to the final marketplace.

Our produce labels are tear and water resistant, and outperform paper labels in both appearance and ability to be easily removed from produce without ripping. The base label components are manufactured from EU and FDA-regulated food contact materials. By selecting EU and FDA base components, JBT labels should not present any issues resulting from inadvertent ingestion.

Labels are produced directly by JBT on our state-of-the-art presses. Controlling all aspects of label production not only guarantees the highest standards in quality, but also provides the flexibility to meet our customer’s unique requirements.

Our FLEX-ID Labeling System features new Print and Apply (P&A) technology that focuses on the needs of our customers. With an easy-to-use software system, users can generate labels that bring a new level of traceability to produce labels.

A patent-pending technology helps the unit achieve higher speeds while maintaining high-quality label integrity. The unit is also compatible with any JBT labeler (G3 or legacy Echo models) and can be dropped in behind the applicator unit.

  • Mounts behind any JBT Labeler (G3 or Echo Labeling System)
  • Traceability: Users can input unique lot codes and the software records (or captures) the print history of those codes
  • Inventory: Reduces the multitude of pre-printed labels needed on-site
  • Labels: Changes can be made with the HMI to the PLU system, without having to change the cassette, leading to reduced labor and time
  • User Interface: A simple software solution allows the operator to quickly generate and print custom labels
  • Custom Libraries: Users are able to set up their own PLU and grower ID libraries

Patented Technology for High-Speed, High Volume Produce Labeling

A heavy-duty and reliable labeling system, the JBT G-3 will generate up to 720 labels per minute at efficiencies of 95% or better, depending on conditions. The combination of our state-of-the-art labels, in-house printing, experienced technicians, and advanced application system results in maximum labeling efficiency.

  • Delivers application speed up to 720 labels per minute
  • Efficiencies of 95% or better depending on conditions
  • Sizer Compatibility: All known brands
  • Bank Footprint: 24in. (600mm) Deep x Width of Conveyor
  • Bellows Extension: Min. 1in. (25mm)/Max. 3.5in. (90mm)
  • Pressure/Vacuum: Pressure 25in./H2O to 35in./H2O, Vacuum -18in./H2O to -22in./H2O