It’s already been a month since we hosted our seminar on High-Pressure Processing (HPP) technology and its impact on the Ready Meals market. Held on June 16th in Parma, Italy, the event was a resounding success, providing industry professionals with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a firsthand look at HPP in action.

Morning Insights and Discussions

The morning session featured a series of insightful presentations:

  • Market Trends: Presentations by Patrick Schorlemmer, Giuseppe Giallombardo and Jasper van Altena from JBT Avure focused on current trends and emerging applications in the Ready Meals sector.
  • Exploring HPP Opportunities: Prof. Fabio Licciardello highlighted potential advancements in shelf-life extension and innovative packaging.
  • Export Benefits: Andrea Brutti from SSICA discussed how HPP can boost exports, especially to the U.S.
  • Sustainability: Dr. Giuseppe Vignali from UNIPR evaluated the economic and environmental sustainability of HPP.

The session concluded with Sandra Driver and Christi Wyatt from JBT Proseal discussing tray sealing solutions for Ready Meals, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Afternoon at HPP Italia

In the afternoon, the participants visited HPP Italia, one of the largest HPP tolling facilities in Europe. Giulio Gherri and his team provided a comprehensive tour, demonstrating the practical applications of HPP in Ready Meals processing. Participants saw the technology in action and tasted new ready meals products.

Looking Ahead

The seminar’s success has inspired us to make this an annual event. We are excited to continue facilitating discussions and innovations in HPP technology.

Thank you to all our speakers and participants for making this event memorable.

Want to learn more about HPP?

If you have any questions, want to explore its various applications, or wish to conduct some tests, please contact us or visit our website.