Freshly squeezed orange juice is a market segment whose moment is now. Far from being pressed by inflationary pressures, the juice business is ripe for success, and the JBT Fresh n’ Squeeze Multi-Fruit Juicer is giving retailers large and small the proven ability to make a difference to their margins.

In fact, a JBT study carried out with a major retail customer has found that the produce department in stores that have a Multi-Fruit Juicer sell on average 20% more than stores that don’t carry a juicer in their produce area. 

The announcement of the customer results come ahead of JBT’s participation at the National Restaurant Show, from May 18-21 in Chicago, IL, during which the Multi-Fruit Juicer will be showcased.

“The Multi-Fruit Juicer continues to be a success story,” says JBT’s Director of Strategic Accounts, Donn Sabato. “It provides high yielding fresh orange juice at the highest quality, making the return on Investment less than a year.”

As a company, JBT – the world’s leader in citrus juice extraction technologies – dominates the freshly-squeezed citrus juice market at a grocery retail level and for good reason. 

“If you’re serious about juicing and want an extractor that’s built to handle four-six hours’ worth of juicing per day at the highest yield possible in a commercial juicer, then the MFJ is the juicer for you,” says Sabato.

So, what are current trends in the juice market and where are these headed?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sabato says juice sales grew dramatically due to an increased focus on healthier products, which resulted in the price of juice rising dramatically while demand remained high. 

“Now that Covid’s over, that surge has gone away, but it appears that millennials like a juice product that is freshly squeezed and doesn’t contain added sugars other than what Mother Nature put in it,” he continues. “Millennials like cold-pressed juice that has been minimally processed.

“Critics of orange juice point to its sugar content, but what they don’t say is it gives you your daily required dose of Vitamin C and is rich in several important nutrients including folate and potassium.”

However, the abilities of the Multi-Fruit Juicer are poised to be expanded beyond citrus. JBT engineers have recently adapted a solution to also handle cold-pressed apples giving the machine even greater utility and appeal for retailers and consumers alike.

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JBT will be exhibiting with its Fresh n’ Squeeze North America distributor, Juicernet, at the National Restaurant Show, which takes place in Chicago, IL from May 18-21, 2024.