In an era where sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, leaders in the food processing industry are pivoting towards eco-friendly and efficient production methods. A prime example of this shift is in the liquid egg production sector, where a leading egg processing company has recently embraced JBT’s Ohmic Heating technology. This move signifies a critical leap towards reducing environmental impact while supporting high product quality.

Sustainable Approach in Liquid Egg Production

With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, this industry leader sought a technology that resonated with its sustainable ethos. “Adopting JBT’s Ohmic Heating system for their liquid egg production process was a strategic decision, aligning perfectly with their sustainability goals,” comments Carlos Fernandez, JBT’s Sustainability Advisor.

Innovative Solution: JBT’s Ohmic Heating Technology

JBT’s Sterideal Ohmic heating system has revolutionized liquid egg processing. By adopting this innovative technology, the company has dramatically reduced energy consumption and maintenance needs, setting new industry standards.

“JBT’s Ohmic heating system has been a transformative solution for the liquid egg industry,” says Michael Mas, JBT’s Global Product Line Director. “It aligns perfectly with the industry’s need for environmental sustainability while enhancing processing efficiency and product quality.”

The Ohmic Heating Advantage: Efficiency, Quality, and Sustainability

The application of Ohmic heating in liquid egg production has brought multiple benefits:

  • Utility Savings: The introduction of the Ohmic Heating system led to a significant reduction in CIP procedures, decreasing the frequency from four cycles per day to just two. This 50% reduction not only resulted in notable savings in water and chemical use but also supported the company’s sustainability goals. By reducing the environmental footprint, the system has proven to be a key element in achieving eco-efficiency in production processes.
  • Increased Production: One of the most remarkable benefits of the Ohmic Heating system has been the increase in production time. By saving three hours daily that were previously used for cleaning, the production schedule expanded from 18 hours to 21 hours. This 17% increase in production time has had a substantial impact on the company’s output, enabling it to meet customer demand more effectively and increase its market presence.
  • Product Quality: The consistency and excellence in product quality have been a standout feature since the implementation of the Ohmic Heating system. The technology ensures that the liquid egg retains its taste, texture, and nutritional value, factors that are paramount for customer satisfaction. This high standard of quality is a testament to the Ohmic Heating system’s gentle and precise processing capabilities.
  • Reduced Footprint and Floorspace: The compact design of the Ohmic Heating system offers a significant advantage over traditional heat exchangers. By occupying less space, it allows for more efficient use of production areas. This optimization not only leads to a reduction in the physical footprint of the production facility but also contributes to better resource management and energy efficiency.
  • Flexibility and Easy Installation: The flexibility of the Ohmic Heating system is a crucial aspect, especially in a diverse production environment. Its ability to be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines and to easily switch between Ohmic and other sterilization systems offers unparalleled adaptability. Additionally, the ‘plug and play’ installation capability, as shown by a customer in Germany who installed the unit independently, highlights the system’s user-friendly design and minimizes downtime during setup.

Transformative Impact and Commitment to Sustainability

The successful implementation of the Ohmic Heating system in liquid egg production is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship. The results have set a new benchmark in the industry for sustainable and efficient production processes.

“Our partnership with this industry leader in the liquid egg sector demonstrates how technological innovation can align with environmental sustainability,” reflects Carlos Fernandez. “JBT is proud to be at the forefront of this significant evolution towards a greener future in food processing.”

The choice of JBT’s Ohmic Heating technology in liquid egg production highlights the company’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. As the industry progresses, it becomes clear that such technologies are not just a part of the present but are crucial investments for a sustainable future, ensuring that products like liquid eggs are processed responsibly and efficiently without compromising on quality.