Acquiring a new HPP system or upgrading your existing Avure HPP equipment can significantly benefit your growing business by enhancing throughput, lowering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and maximizing the Return on Investment.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) from JBT Avure is a valuable, clean-label pasteurization process, rapidly gaining popularity across various food and drink sectors worldwide.

HPP is highly-effective in increasing product shelf-life – sometimes, double or triple that of heat pasteurization – while at the same time preserving the fresh taste, quality and nutrients.  HPP is also effective at inactivating deadly bacteria that are the source of many foodborne illnesses.

It’s no surprise that a wide range of industries, including those producing guacamole, hummus, ready meals, fresh juices, premium petfood and even seafood have adopted HPP as their pasteurization technology of choice over recent years.

Determining throughput

Putting a value on the substantial capital investment required to acquire HPP equipment involves a nuanced understanding of throughput and the factors influencing its efficiency. Kevin Kennedy, Regional Sales Manager at JBT Avure, emphasizes the importance of considering throughput and speed to assess the financial viability of HPP technology. 

“Throughput depends on the customers’ package size and type, the HPP processing conditions used, and the machine capacity – not only how many products can fit inside, but how many cycles it can do per hour,” he says. 

“Depending on whether your product is packaged as a pouch, tray, cup, bowl, or bottle, the amount of pressure and ‘hold time’ used varies per product due to a number of intrinsic factors, including pH, water activity, and list of ingredients. Typically, 87,000 psi for three minutes is the most common processing condition used, though this can vary based on the specifics of the product in question.”

Putting a value on HPP

“HPP is clean-label, delivering fresh-chilled products that are free of preservatives and other additives,” continues Kennedy. “For a manufacturer, we can double or triple the product shelf-life without having to use preservatives.”

Beyond extending shelf life, another important benefit of HPP is food safety, with the technology capable of inactivating bacteria – salmonella, E-coli and listeria – that are responsible for making people sick, Kennedy explains.

“HPP has traditionally been used for premium products,” he says. “Almost all the guacamole sold by retailers worldwide is HPP-treated, as are many of the hummus, salsas and plant-based dips.  These products appeal to consumers that are willing to pay a premium for a clean-label, fresh product.”

Return on Investment

“HPP systems generate six times the amount of pressure as the deepest part of the ocean, so there is an imperative need for maintenance, says Kennedy. “JBT provides 24/7 support to all our HPP customers to ensure their machines remain efficient and cost effective.”

Another way JBT Avure provides a Return on Investment is when customers are ready to expand their HPP operations. “When smaller customers are ready to expand to the next size up, we can buy the machine back, enabling them to upgrade to a bigger size,” says Kennedy.

“The mid- and large-sized machines are modular, meaning as customers’ volume grows, they can add more speed and throughput as required without having to invest in a second machine.”

Customers can start small and, as their volume grows, JBT Avure can grow with them, he adds.

Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership

When evaluating High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is also acritical factor for businesses aiming to enhance their operations without compromising on quality or efficiency. JBT Avure’s HPP systems offers an optimal blend of high throughput and durable design, ensuring that businesses not only meet their current production needs but are also well-positioned for future growth. 

Investing in equitment built to withstand the demands of high-volume processing environments ensures you optimize your TCO. JBT Avure’s machines are designed for long-term performance. This emphasis on quality construction means our customers face fewer interruptions and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the equipment. In turn, this enhances the reliability of your operations and ensures consistent product quality, directly contributing to a more favorable TCO. 

Maximizing ROI with JBT Avure’s HPP Solutions

Choosing JBT Avure means investing in a partnership that prioritizes quality, innovation, and long-term success. Our focus on excellence ensures that our customers receive the best in technology and support, translating into a lower TCO and a higher return on investment.

With our equipment, you’re not just buying a machine; you’re securing a solution that evolves with your business needs, ensuring you stay ahead in your HPP operations.

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