A common problem encountered by small- to mid-sized juice processors looking to gradually scale-up output is how to maximize production capacities, while overcoming all-too-frequent space constraints.

For companies aiming for gradual growth or planning substantial expansion, JBT’s READYGo JUICE family enables businesses to not only overcome spatial limitations but also scale operations efficiently.

Modular Design for Growing Juice Businesses

Featuring whole citrus extractors on a compact skid, READYGoTM JUICE solutions efficiently process citrus such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, and limes using a complete, self-contained Juice Extraction System.

The modular design of the READYGoTM systems mean they can adapt to your processing requirements and factory layout, while also allowing you to expand your juice-making capacities as your business grows.

Suitable for processing anything from pre-sized fruit to bulk raw material, JBT’s solution is capable of delivering pulpy or finished juice to either a bottling line or downstream for further processing.

Tailored Options for Every Scale

Whether your focus is on small-batch premium juices or managing large volumes of raw produce, our solutions seamlessly adapt as your production needs grow. For any sized business, the READYGoTM JUICE family gives you three main benefits:

  • Ease of Transportation: Skid-mounted systems designed for hassle-free global shipping.
  • No Custom Engineering Required: Pre-equipped with electrical starters and instruments for immediate operation upon utility hook-up.
  • Expandable For Business Growth: Can be mated with other members of the READYGoTM FAMILY such as the READYGoTM d-LIMONENE 33, READYGoTM PULPWASH, and READYGoTM CYCLONE, to generate other revenue streams from citrus by-products.

Starting with the READYGo JUICE SJE

A first option could be the READYGoTM JUICE SJE (Single Juice Extractor), a solution developed for small-scale production of high-quality fresh juices for hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. 

Requiring minimum up-front investment, the SJE (pictured above) can be installed almost anywhere and processes up to three tons for fresh citrus per hour.


When you are ready to target higher production, the READYGoTM JUICE DJE (Dual Juice Extractor), a high-capacity system (above) that can squeeze up to 10 tons an hour of fresh fruit, is a valuable solution.

On a larger, semi-industrial scale, the READYGoTM JUICE MJE (Modular Juice Extractor) can process nine-20 tons an hour of citrus. The design (pictured below) consists of a three extractor base-module expandable by additional modules of one extractor to complete up to six extractors.

JBT’s Commitment to Excellence

“These are skid-mounted systems for straightforward processing, cleaning and ingredient or by-product recovery, which are shipping container-ready. Fully equipped for easy transportation around the globe, the READYGoTM JUICE family is a great option for processors looking to scale their citrus operations” says JBT’s Global Technical Director, Citrus Processing, José Biot.

“The READYGoTM JUICE systems requires no custom field engineering or field installation, making them a plug-and-play solution. With features like remote monitoring and inclusive electrical starters, our systems are designed to streamline your operations immediately upon setup, making this system Ready to Go!”

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