Aiming to increase produce throughput and save on utility and labor costs at the same time? One simple way of achieving both objectives is by utilizing JBT’s Bin Scrubber System, a unique patented solution for the efficient, high speed cleaning of fruit bins that is completely new for the European and Mediterranean market.

Capable of cleaning as many as 140-180 bins per hour – for the S-Series and T-Series – or one every 20 seconds, the Bin Scrubber is superior to other bin cleaning solutions thanks to its unique brush-head mechanism which mechanically removes soil in a fast, efficient process.

Initially developed to support the citrus industry, the Bin Scrubber provides thorough and consistent field bin cleaning, with unmatched reliability and a low cost of operation. With more than 90 systems in operation today, the Bin Scrubber is the leading solution for cleaning bins in the produce industry, covering a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and applications from citrus and apples through to avocados, tomatoes and nuts.

Key advantages

As JBT’s Sales & Business Development Manager for fresh produce technologies in the EMENA region, Francisco Peris, recently told Spain’s Valencia Fruits magazine, the Bin Scrubber has some key advantages compared with competitor systems.

He said: “This technology from JBT has set a new standard in the industry for the cleaning and sanitization of fruit bins due to its very high effectiveness, productivity and operating efficiency, as well as its high level of automation, robustness and the sustainability that it brings to the process.

“Thanks to its innovative soil removal system, the Bin Scrubber leaves the containers cleaner than manual washing or systems that just use water at high-pressures. With its thorough brushing and multi-directional nozzles, the Bin Scrubber achieves improved cleaning of internal surfaces, corners and areas that can be difficult to access.”

Improving sustainability

However, more than just a means of saving on labor and ensuring food safety, the Bin Scrubber can also play an important role in helping customers improve sustainability on multiple fronts.

An energy-efficient system that uses low horsepower motors, the Bin Scrubber incorporates a sophisticated triple filtering system that recycles used water, while a built-in water containment feature enables customers to save on water consumption. At the same time, the Bin Scrubber’s electric gear motor-driven cradle eliminates the need for maintaining hydraulic systems and potential fluid contamination.

A further, perhaps surprising, sustainability benefit has come in the form of helping customers eliminate the use of plastic liners for produce bins. Especially in the nut industry, throw-away plastic liners have been common practice, being filled and disposed of on a daily basis each season.

The effectiveness, efficiency and sheer speed of the Bin Scrubber allows customers to move away from such wasteful practices and achieve greater sustainability across their businesses. 

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