For new parents, the safety of any food given to recent arrivals is of paramount importance. But equally many parents would agree that preserving natural nutrients in baby food is just as vital. High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology for JBT Avure provides an effective, food-safe way of achieving both objectives with a minimum of processing.

An all-natural process, HPP technology from JBT Avure uses purified cold water at incredibly high pressures – of up to 6,000 bar or 87,000 psi – to neutralize food-borne pathogens, like listeria and E. Coli, without preservatives or chemicals.

But it’s not just about food safety. The lack of heat (thermal processing) means HPP products taste better and retain their nutrients; crucial factors when it comes to ensuring that the healthiest-possible food reaches infants.

As well as being a clean-label technology, HPP helps extend shelf life, enabling parents to benefit from having access to refrigerated purees with increased nutritional value without worrying about them going off in a short period of time.

The key benefits

“HPP Avure benefits consumers by delivering products that are minimally processed, healthy, fresh tasting and convenient, while at the same time containing no preservatives and suffering no loss of natural nutrients,” explains JBT Avure’s Dr Errol Raghubeer. 

“For processors, the benefits are equally significant: as well as extending shelf-life and ensuring food safety, HPP protects brands and helps them reach wider markets. It also meets both consumer demands and regulatory requirements.”

Perfect for cut and pureed fruit and vegetables, HPP can be applied to a wide variety of packaging from tubs and pouches to bottles and sachets. Already approved across a number of countries, Avure HPP treatment extends shelf-life by up to four months with no damage to vitamins, taste, flavors or bioactive compounds.

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