By Larry Molenaar, A&B Customer Care Manager
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In a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, operational efficiency hinges on the seamless functioning of complex equipment. About a year after installing new equipment, a critical technical issue emerged: an alarm signal, indicative of a potential equipment malfunction. In an industry where precision and uptime are crucial, such challenges can significantly impact production and efficiency. 

PRoCARE’s Technical Intervention 

The initial problem presented as an alarm triggered by a misaligned scale – a technical glitch that could disrupt the entire production line. The facility’s in-house team, skilled yet unable to pinpoint the precise cause, faced a significant challenge. This is where our PRoCARE team from JBT A&B Process Systems stepped in, known for their technical acumen in equipment maintenance. 

Our approach went beyond basic troubleshooting. We undertook a detailed analysis to understand the root cause of the alarm. This in-depth investigation is fundamental to our philosophy: to preempt and resolve issues, not just react to them. Our goal was to provide a lasting solution that would prevent recurrence, ensuring ongoing operational efficiency. 

Comprehensive Proactive Maintenance Solutions: Beyond Immediate Fixes 

The PRoCARE team’s investigation led to the discovery of multiple underlying factors that required attention. For example, we identified and rectified the issue of pipe vibrations, a common yet often overlooked problem that can lead to equipment wear and operational inefficiencies. Additionally, we suggested upgrading the facility’s lighting system to LEDs, offering longer life and better performance, contributing to a more stable operating environment. 

Each step taken by our team was aimed at enhancing the overall reliability and efficiency of the manufacturing process. This approach exemplifies how technical expertise, coupled with a thorough understanding of equipment dynamics, can transform a potential problem into an opportunity for improvement. 

Ensuring Operational Excellence and Building Trust 

The intervention by the PRoCARE team significantly elevated the facility’s operational capabilities. Post-service, the facility not only resumed optimal functioning but also achieved an improved level of efficiency and reliability. This case serves as a testament to our team’s technical expertise and the comprehensive nature of PRoCARE services. 

Our engagement with the facility reinforced their confidence in PRoCARE. It highlighted how effective technical problem-solving can convert a critical situation into a success story. The facility’s team recognized that with PRoCARE, they have more than a service provider; they have a partner committed to their operational success, capable of addressing complex challenges with technical expertise and foresight. 

The PRoCare Difference 

Choose PRoCARE by JBT A&B Process Systems for an unmatched standard in equipment proactive maintenance. Our comprehensive service extends beyond emergency repairs, offering proactive, preventive care that ensures your equipment always performs optimally. With our ASME R-Stamp certification and team of certified welders, we bring precision and compliance to every task. Our nationwide reach and extensive spare parts inventory minimize downtime, keeping your operations smooth and efficient. PRoCARE isn’t just a service; it’s a commitment to maintaining the longevity and peak performance of your equipment, backed by over 50 years of JBT A&B’s expertise in innovation and customer support. Opting for PRoCARE means choosing a partner dedicated to the continuous improvement and enduring success of your operations. 

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