For years, the beverage industry has contended with the inherent shortcomings of straight tube heat-exchangers. Despite their apparent simplicity, these systems are prone to fouling, resulting in product particles adhering to tube walls and leading to inefficiencies, production disruptions, and reduced product quality. This not only impacts the production cycle but also escalates maintenance and cleaning costs, thereby affecting the financial health of operations.

The Sterideal® Coil by JBT emerges as a groundbreaking solution, addressing these challenges head-on. Its innovative design, featuring an endless coil, virtually eliminates blockages, significantly lowering sanitary risks and downtime. This design flexibility accommodates a diverse range of beverages, enhancing the system’s utility across various viscosity profiles.

At the heart of this advancement lies the Sterideal® Coil’s enhanced heat transfer capabilities. By optimizing the heat exchange process, the Sterideal® ensures that beverages are treated more efficiently and uniformly, a crucial factor in maintaining the highest standards of product quality. This efficient heat transfer is not just about faster processing; it’s about crafting beverages that meet the highest quality and taste standards consistently, setting the benchmark in the beverage processing industry.

Maximizing Heat Transfer Efficiency in UHT Processing

At the core of the Sterideal® Coil’s effectiveness is the Dean Effect, a fluid dynamic principle that revolutionizes the way beverages are processed. By generating Dean vortices, this effect significantly improves product mixing, leading to a more uniform treatment of the beverage. This enhanced mixing is crucial in ensuring that each particle of the beverage receives consistent heat exposure, thus maintaining its quality and nutritional value.

Dean Effect Renders

Furthermore, the Dean Effect contributes to a substantial improvement in heat transfer efficiency — up to 30% more effective than traditional straight tubes. This efficiency not only ensures a rapid and uniform heating process but also translates into shorter and more compact sterilizers. The compact design of the Sterideal® Coil not only saves space but also optimizes the entire sterilization process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

The Dean Effect and Its Pivotal Role in Product Quality

The Dean Effect, an integral facet of fluid dynamics, plays a pivotal role in the Sterideal Coil’s design, redefining how high-protein beverages are treated in the UHT process. But what exactly is this effect, and why is it so crucial for the beverage industry?

Understanding the Dean Effect

When a fluid flows through a curved channel or pipe, secondary flow patterns, known as Dean vortices, are formed perpendicular to the primary flow direction. These vortices are a result of the balance between centrifugal forces and pressure gradients. As the fluid moves through the curves of the Sterideal Coil, these Dean vortices come into play, creating a swirling motion.

This swirling motion induced by the Dean Effect is not just a mere spectacle of fluid dynamics; it’s a game-changer for product mixing. Traditional straight tubes don’t facilitate such mixing patterns. In contrast, the Sterideal Coil, with its curved design, ensures that the beverage undergoes thorough mixing, eliminating temperature gradients. This homogeneous mixing is especially crucial for beverages with varying components, ensuring that each particle is uniformly treated.

Amplifying Heat Transfer

The vortices formed by the Dean Effect don’t just stop at improving product mixing. They play a fundamental role in enhancing heat transfer rates. As the beverage swirls, it ensures more consistent contact with the pipe’s walls, facilitating efficient heat exchange.

This improved heat transfer, which can be up to 30% more effective than in straight tubes, ensures that the product reaches its desired temperature rapidly and uniformly. The outcome? A quicker sterilization process and beverages that retain their authentic taste and nutritional value.

Compact Sterilizers and High-Quality Output

With its enhanced heat transfer and optimized mixing, the Sterideal Coil can afford to have more compact sterilizers. These sterilizers, although smaller in size, deliver high performance, ensuring consistent product quality. Furthermore, the uniform heat treatment guarantees equal sterility levels throughout the batch, providing consumers with a high-quality beverage every single time.

Handling Highly Viscous Products with Ease

Viscous products, like thick smoothies or certain dairy beverages, pose a unique challenge in the UHT process. Their inherent thickness can lead to uneven heating and potential fouling. However, the swirling motion induced by the Dean Effect ensures that even these thick beverages are mixed thoroughly. The result is a UHT process that handles viscous products with unparalleled ease, setting the Sterideal Coil apart in the beverage processing sector.

Transforming Beverage Processing: The Sterideal® Coil Advantage

rendering of JBT UTH Sterideal CoilThe Sterideal® Coil by JBT is a game-changing solution that tackles the inherent challenges of straight tube heat-exchangers in the beverage industry. Its innovative design harnesses the power of the Dean Effect, significantly improving product mixing and heat transfer efficiency, ultimately leading to shorter sterilization times and higher-quality beverages. This technology’s ability to handle even highly viscous products with ease makes it a versatile solution for a wide range of beverage profiles.

At JBT, we are committed to innovation and excellence. The Sterideal® Coil is a testament to our dedication to advancing beverage manufacturing technology. To further enhance your confidence in our technology, we offer the Expert Assurance program.

Expert Assurance empowers our customers to optimize their thermal processes, validate heat treatments, and fine-tune industrial machine setups. This ensures the continued success of your operations. Embrace the future of beverage manufacturing with JBT to help you deliver consistent quality and efficiency.

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