In today’s age of industrialization, environmental consciousness is not just a need, it’s a responsibility. For companies in the food processing sector, optimizing energy and resource consumption isn’t just about cutting costs—it’s about ensuring a sustainable future. One of the companies leading this charge is Gelagri Ibérica, a pivotal player in the European frozen food market, with their recent adoption of Urtasun’s latest Hygienic Design Blanchers-Coolers.

Gelagri Ibérica, with a rich legacy spanning 40 years and rooted in a strong ethos of agroecology, has always prioritized sustainability. Operating four factories and exporting to countries worldwide, Gelagri’s focus on producing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products had them seeking equipment that echoed this commitment.

The Urtasun Approach: Tailored Efficiency for Gelagri Ibérica

Recognizing the need for enhanced sustainability and efficiency, Gelagri Ibérica turned to a trusted name in the industry: JBT’s Urtasun. The company’s latest offering, the new series of HD Blanchers-Coolers, presented a promising solution to Gelagri’s challenges.

“Designed with the end-user in mind, our blanchers combine customization with top-tier efficiency,” remarks Iñigo Pardo, Urtasun’s Global Sales Manager. “Recognizing the diverse requirements of the food production sector, we’ve prioritized adaptability, ensuring optimal energy consumption without compromising on performance.”

With a focus on advanced mechanics that promote easy cleaning and uphold the highest hygiene standards, Urtasun’s blanchers allow for an adaptive blanching process, ensuring minimum energy usage and maximum output.

The Sustainable Payoff: Benefits Realized

When Gelagri Ibérica incorporated Urtasun’s cutting-edge HD Blanchers-Coolers, the anticipation was high. The results, however, surpassed even those lofty expectations. Here’s a detailed look at the transformative impact experienced by Gelagri Ibérica:

  1. Reduced Steam Consumption: A 5% reduction not only led to energy savings but also resonated with Gelagri Ibérica’s eco-conscious ethos. This efficient steam usage promises both financial and environmental advantages.
  2. Water Conservation: A 4% reduction in cooling water and the saving of 400m³/year in cleaning water spotlight Urtasun’s commitment to resource conservation. For Gelagri, this meant both cost savings and a stronger environmental stance.
  3. Extended Hygiene Periods: Urtasun’s advanced blancher design ensures longer operational periods under strict hygiene standards. This translates to consistent product quality and reduces potential downtimes.
  4. Efficient Cleaning: The reduced cleaning time afforded Gelagri an extra 200 hours of operational time annually. This efficiency opens the door to increased production and potential revenue growth.

“Achieving these results was beyond our expectations,” says Juan Ramón Malo from Gelagri Ibérica. “The savings in water and steam consumption alone are commendable, but the added advantage of longer operating times in pristine conditions made this a game-changing decision for us.”

The Impact

Such positive results are indicative of the forward-thinking design and innovation that Urtasun brings to the table. For Gelagri Ibérica, this not only translates to immediate savings but also reinforces their commitment to sustainable practices.

“Our cooperation with Gelagri Ibérica,” mentions Iñigo Pardo, “is a testament to how industries can align their objectives with sustainability. We are proud to be a part of their sustainability journey.”

Closing Thoughts: A Sustainable Future Ahead

In a world increasingly aware of its ecological footprint, companies like Gelagri Ibérica set the bar high. Their commitment to sustainability, paired with innovative solutions like JBT Urtasun’s HD Blanchers-Coolers, not only promises a greener future but also showcases how businesses can thrive without compromising on their environmental commitments.

With leaders like Gelagri Ibérica at the helm, backed by ground-breaking solutions from Urtasun, the frozen food industry is on a promising path to a sustainable future.

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