John Bean Technologies has been awarded the IFU Innovation Award by the International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association, recognizing our efforts toward reducing carbon footprint and improving fruit juice production and processing.

“JBT has continually worked to improve the environmental performance of its fruit juice processing technology by offering innovative solutions to enhance yields, reduce waste, propose by-product upcycling solutions, and introduce the circular economy concept,” said Aintzane Esturo, IFU Technical Director.

IFU Innovation Award

JBT takes pride in leading the way for safe and efficient commercial juicing innovations. It’s through our relentless drive for product advancement that we’ve been able to consistently meet the needs of our customers while also championing environmental sustainability. For JBT, the commitment to sustainable practices is more than just a mission—it’s embedded in every process and technology we develop.

“JBT is also always willing to share its deep industry and expertise to improve customer systems and processes. For example, during IFU’s most recent visit to JBT’s pilot plant in Brazil, the company also demonstrated how it has worked to improve the MORE 4.0 (Modular Oil Recovery Extractor) to extract more oil from oranges and achieve performance similar to that in the lemon sector,” said Esturo.

The Award

The IFU Innovation Award is granted to an individual or an organization (Company, University, Research Institute, Laboratory) that has invented something new that led to a breakthrough in the industry during the last 10 years. This can be in relation to processing equipment, packaging, bottling equipment, transport, analytical equipment, analytical methods, product design, flavours or sustainability.JBT Team Holing the Awarded The IFU Innovation AwardThe award was delivered on October 5th, during the Juice Summit celebrated in Antwerp. The official program is linked here: The Juice Summit.

JBT’s efforts towards sustainability

In addition to JBT’s efforts in fruit juice processing, JBT’s purpose is to help our customers succeed in the marketplace by giving them solutions to make better use of the world’s precious resources. Through our food processing technologies, we design and manufacture solutions that enhance our customers’ success and improve their sustainability performance. Optimizing the use of natural resources means doing business responsibly and wisely.

We help our customers achieve both through automation, electrification, and efficiency. Whether it’s designing safe and waste-smart packaging solutions or maximizing shelf life and yield, JBT is engineering solutions today that are moving our world toward a more sustainable tomorrow. We are creating Sustainable Solutions for a Growing World.

Learn more about JBT’s efforts toward sustainability here: