Involved in processing vegetables for canning or freezing? JBT Urtasun offers innovative, cost-effective, hygienic, safety and energy-saving systems that can be combined with a JBT Unifiller and X-52 or X-59 Can Closer for canning – or a Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE® IQF Freezer – for a complete line solution.

One of the most effective items in this complete line is the Urtasun Blancher, a piece of equipment that proves its worth whether canning or freezing vegetables. 

Blanching is commonly used to deactivate enzymes that can adversely impact produce color, flavor and texture, while also improving vitamin retention. A further advantage offered by blanching is its ability to soften crunchy vegetables like broccoli and asparagus, making them easier to pack in bags or cans. 

“In every vegetable processing line, there are two critical elements: the center of the process where the vegetables are washed and dried; followed by blanching and freezing or canning,” explains Iñigo Pardo, global sales manager for JBT Urtasun. “During blanching, we deactivate the enzyme that causes vegetables to rot. You can’t kill this enzyme, but you can deactivate it by cooking the vegetables for one or two minutes at 98C in the blancher.”

“Blanching ensures vegetables do not rot during the length of time they are frozen in a bag.”

Significant synergies

The next important function of the unit is to bring down the temperature of the vegetables to around 7C or 8C, before being removed from the blancher and being placed onto a Urtasun dewatering Vibratory Belt (pictured) to remove any particles of water from the blancher that could create a block in the freezer. Following this, it passes into a Frigoscandia freezing tunnel or a JBT filler and closer, ready for packaging, packing and transportation.

“Every vegetable that passes through the blancher needs to go on to a freezing tunnel or filler and closer,” says Pardo. “Being part of JBT allows us to carry out this process in a joined-up way and to be able to offer a complete solution to the customer.”

In fact, Urtasun and Frigoscandia are now working together on a number of projects and have confirmed sale of their first complete solution to a major processor in Australia.

As part of this complete line, JBT is providing the customer with a Urtasun blancher connected to a vibratory belt to remove as much water as possible, complemented with a Frigoscandia freezing tunnel and other JBT end-of-line equipment. “From the blancher through to filling containers, it’s all JBT equipment and solutions,” says Pardo.

However, Urtasun doesn’t just provide equipment for frozen solutions, it also has significant synergies in canning and fresh areas. These include systems for receiving and dry cleaning products. For canning, after passing these stages, the vegetables move on to the Blancher before the canning process begins. 

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