Leading the Infant Formula Packaging Market

JBT & PLF International are world-renowned in primary packaging line solutions for infant formula powder in cans. Their reputation has solidified them as the top choice for global leaders in the infant formula market.

Developed with the insights and expertise of a world-leading infant formula producer, the JBT SeamTec for Powder emerges as the benchmark of clinching and closing technology. Its unique blend of features, such as its superior hygienic design, rapid and reliable can diameter changeover, minimum powder spill, and consistently high-quality can and seam, sets it apart from traditional seaming technologies.

The Need for Absolute Purity in Infant Formula

The infant formula sector operates under stringent conditions. The primary concern is to avoid foreign particles in the final product; a priority that outweighs even other food industries. This presents a significant challenge for lubricants.

While even food-grade lubricants are perceived critically, the real challenge is the specific requirements by producers. They demand guarantees from equipment suppliers that there is no projection of grease or lubricant in the open can area. This is especially challenging for seamers. Why? Because they depend on high-speed rotating seaming components to create a reliable double seam, and eliminating lubricants entirely from this area seemed like a tall order.

JBT’s Solution: The Evolution of SeamTec

After relentless research and multiple field tests across diverse production settings, JBT proudly announces a breakthrough. Leading customers have validated that SeamTec does not project lubricants in the clinching or closing area. Such an accomplishment was achieved by:

  • Completely eliminating lubricants where feasible.
  • Effectively containing lubricants where necessary, especially in high-speed rotating components.

This evolution further reinforces SeamTec?s standing as the front-runner in hygienic design seamers for infant formula powder.

JBT SeamTec: Tailored for the Powder Industry

The road to this innovation has been paved with continuous improvements and a steadfast commitment to food safety. With experience spanning over a hundred production lines, JBT has leveraged its vast knowledge to craft a machine that not only ensures the highest level of sanitation but also offers superior end-product quality at a reduced operational cost.

JBT’s commitment doesn’t stop here; plans are already in place to further refine and enhance this technology in a new generation of seamers. It’s also worth noting the harmonious alignment of SeamTec with PLF International’s vacuum filler portfolio, which boasts of a complete absence of moving parts, eliminating the risk of foreign particle contamination.

JBT’s Global Presence

With a vast global service and sales network, JBT stands ready to assist and support its clients. For those who wish to delve deeper into the wonders of SeamTec and its capabilities, please contact our experts:

In the dynamic world of infant formula packaging, JBT’s SeamTec offers a beacon of reliability, ensuring the purest products for the most precious consumers: our infants.

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About PLF International

JBT Corporation’s PLF International (PLF) is the premiere provider of powder filling systems for the global food and beverage markets. For nearly 30 years, PLF International has been the leading designer and manufacturer of flexible, gentle, user-friendly powder filling machines for both rigid and semi-rigid containers. PLF’s range of filling machines are built to facilitate the stringent demands of the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries with semi or fully automatic capabilities so that performance can be enhanced to meet production demands. Each machine is easy to clean with quick changeover, and ensures minimum giveaway, maximum accuracy and gentle product handling. JBT Corporation acquired PLF International in 2017. To learn more about JBT’s PLF International products, visit here.

About JBT

JBT Corporation (NYSE: JBT) is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food & beverage industry. JBT designs, produces and services sophisticated products and systems for a broad range of end markets, generating roughly one-half of annual revenue from recurring parts, service, rebuilds, and leasing operations. JBT Corporation employs approximately 5,200 people worldwide and operates sales, service, manufacturing and sourcing operations in more than 25 countries.



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