In today’s world, sustainability and efficiency have moved from being nice-to-have to becoming essential. Every business, big or small, faces the challenge of ensuring smooth operations while also reducing the strain on our environment. The question is, how do we do more with less, and do it in a way that benefits our planet?

JBT offers a unique, environment-friendly solution- Filling & Closing Retrofit Kits. These kits are not just an answer to maintaining operational efficiency; they also represent a significant stride toward sustainable practices.

These kits are designed to upgrade old filling and closing machines, breathing new life into them. The result? Machines that run like new, improved efficiency, and a significant reduction in waste and environmental impact. It’s a win-win situation for businesses and the planet. With these kits, businesses can stride confidently into a future where growth and sustainability go hand in hand.

Breathing Life into Old Machinery

Many filling and closing machines in the food processing industry have been serving the sector reliably for decades. However, like all mechanical equipment, they eventually need updating and upgrading to remain operational and relevant. JBT’s Retrofit Kits rise to the occasion, offering the ability to breathe new life into older machines. With this newly added upgrades, the machine is brought into the 21st century.

“We have a lot of these machines in the field that are 20-30 years’ old and are still running quite well,” explains JBT’s Customer Care Director, Chris Deckx. “However, after such a length of time, improvements are often needed in terms of both hygiene and filling accuracy, and we have developed solutions for that in the form of different kits.”

With a JBT Retrofit Kit, businesses can elevate their filling accuracy, reduce wastage, improve product handling, and upgrade machine hygiene. They can also replace obsolete OEM components and update software programs, thereby enhancing machine maintenance processes and boosting overall efficiency.

Retrofit Kits: The Green Solution

While the benefits to businesses are evident, the implications for the environment are profound. These kits offer a sustainable solution by prolonging the lifespan of existing machinery and reducing the need for new equipment.

before and after equipment with our retrofit

Essentially, JBT Retrofit Kits are a form of recycling. They breathe new life into old machines and save them from becoming scrap. This practice saves energy and valuable resources by not consuming them in the production and shipping of new machines. It’s a testament to how technological innovation can effectively align business objectives with environmental responsibility.

Retrofit Kits and the Circular Economy

JBT’s Retrofit Kits contribute significantly to the concept of a circular economy. In a circular economy, the aim is to keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life.

In the case of the Retrofit Kits, they offer a practical way to extend the service life of filling and closing machines, keeping them in the economic loop for longer, and delaying the point at which they become waste. This move towards a more circular model not only benefits the environment but also creates a new wave of economic opportunities.

Future-Focused and Cost-Effective

These Retrofit Kits are more than just a product – they’re part of JBT’s commitment to customer success and a sustainable future. The kits offer completely tailored original component packages, ensuring cost-effective and high-quality results.

The inclusion of effective installation, commissioning, and operator training by JBT’s skilled service teams ensures businesses can squeeze the most value out of the equipment and realize substantial operational savings. This commitment to customer care and the continuous improvement program underlines JBT’s dedication to its customers and the environment.

JBT Retrofits Designed for Your Needs

JBT Retrofit Kits are available for various needs and machine types, including level fillers, weight fillers, Unifillers, can closers, and cappers. Each upgrade kit is a complete package of components customized to specific requirements.

worker taking apart equipment to install new retrofit kit.

Whether it’s a Filler Height Adjustment Retrofit, a Drain valve, an Automation upgrade, or a Safety upgrade, we design these retrofit solutions to enhance every aspect of the filling and closing operation. This ensures that we do not leave even well-seasoned equipment behind in the drive towards improved sustainability.

Sustainability and Efficiency Hand in Hand

In the face of increasing environmental concerns and economic challenges, JBT’s Retrofit Kits are a solution that delivers on all fronts. They allow businesses to improve efficiency, save costs, and contribute to a greener planet.

JBT’s Filling & Closing Retrofit Kits are undoubtedly leading the way to a new, green life for old machines. They illustrate that with the right solutions, businesses can strike a harmonious balance between operational efficiency and environmental responsibility.

By retrofitting older equipment, we can conserve resources, reduce waste, and ensure our businesses are prepared for a sustainable future. And in this drive towards sustainability, JBT’s Retrofit Kits serve as a beacon, leading the way.

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