By Larry Molenaar, A&B Customer Care Manager
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Unmasking the Hidden Threat in Dimple Leaks 

Industrial tanks, the silent yet vital workhorses of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical production, are often overlooked until they start to cause problems. On this occasion, we faced a perplexing issue: approximately 40 leaks were discovered within an industrial tank’s dimple. Quite a sizeable number, and to make matters worse, over half of these leaks were discreetly concealed within the dimple material, beyond the welds. But why is this a cause for concern? 

Leaks, especially those within industrial tanks, aren’t merely a dripping faucet that can be easily fixed with a wrench. They are substantial safety risks, capable of disrupting operations and causing significant downtime. When left unchecked, these inconspicuous leaks could escalate into a major catastrophe, causing not just economic loss but potential harm to personnel and consumers. 

Detective Work: The Intricate Art of Non-Destructive Leak Detection 

Upon identifying the problem, it was time for our dedicated customer care team to swing into action. In their possession was an array of non-destructive leak detection tools that play a crucial role in our battle against leaks. This blend of cutting-edge technology and sheer expertise enabled us to accurately find every leak, no matter how concealed. The goal was not merely to find the obvious issues, but to uncover potential threats beneath the surface that could cause complications down the line. 

The process of leak detection is an intricate art that our team has mastered over the years. Equipped with the latest tools and technology, they can uncover issues that might otherwise remain concealed. This precision in their work helps to mitigate potential hazards associated with untreated leaks and preserves the safety and integrity of the site. 

Turning the Tide Against Leaks 

Following the inspection, the team was set to embark on the demanding task of leak repair. Armed with professional welding equipment, lift assists, and an array of tools tailored for such rigorous tasks, the team initiated their action plan. Through meticulous work, they managed to weld the access panels back into place, sealing the condensate nozzle with a boot, ensuring that the tank was as good as new. 

However, the path to successful repair wasn’t always smooth. As with any task of this size, our team faced various challenges along the way. Yet, with their honed problem-solving skills and a resilient spirit, they tackled each obstacle methodically, turning potential setbacks into steppingstones towards success. By the end of the repair phase, the tank stood tall and strong, a testament to the skills and dedication of our customer care team. 

Reaping the Fruits of Successful Leak Repairs 

Upon completion of the repair, it was time to verify the effectiveness of our work. A hydro test at 100 PSI was conducted for an hour and a half, and the results were nothing short of exceptional. Not a single leak was detected. This proved the success of our meticulous repair job, allowing the client to feel relieved knowing their tanks were secure and leak-free. 

But the journey didn’t end with the success of the repair job. At the heart of our service lies a commitment to go beyond the immediate needs and look towards long-term solutions. 

Building for the Future with Proactive Care 

Continuing our commitment to the client, the team arranged a follow-up visit to install flow meters and complete the installation of lift assists. A dedicated crew of four was ready to stay on site as long as necessary to ensure the job was completed to the highest standard. This level of dedication proves our unwavering commitment to supplying excellent service, even in the face of adversity. 

In addition to addressing the immediate issues, we recommended that the client start considering the replacement of the older tanks. This proactive approach towards potential future problems highlights our belief in continuous improvement and our commitment to ensuring the long-term success of our clients. 

Delivering Excellence with Our Dedicated Customer Care 

This case study serves as a testament to the level of commitment and dedication exemplified by our customer care team. From successfully detecting and repairing a multitude of leaks to laying the groundwork for ongoing improvement, the team handled every challenge with unwavering dedication and unrivaled expertise. 

So, if you ever find yourself confronting issues with industrial leaks, remember – we’re always here, ready to dive into the challenge. We are not just committed to fixing problems, but also to preventing them. It’s all part of the ongoing journey of delivering excellent customer care, a journey we embrace with enthusiasm. Our commitment to our customers is never-ending, and we’re always prepared for the next challenge. 

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