Elevating Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability in the Infant Formula Industry

PLF International, a subsidiary of JBT Corporation, has recently announced the successful patenting of its innovative PLF VGS™ (Vacuum Gassing Seamer) system. This cutting-edge technology solidifies PLF International’s commitment to delivering the safest, most hygienic, and highest-quality solutions to the market. With its innovative approach to modified atmosphere packaging, the PLF VGS™ system has set a new standard for safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Enhanced Safety and Hygiene

As infant formula processors face intensifying competition and strive for continuous improvement in safety, quality, and hygiene, the PLF VGS™ system offers an unmatched solution. Through its slow-speed application technology, this gassing system ensures optimal packaging for infant formula and special medical formula powders. By reducing enclosure down to less than 1% oxygen, the PLF VGS™ system guarantees enhanced safety measures while maintaining the integrity of the product.

Unparalleled Efficiency

One of the key advantages of the PLF VGS™ system is its exceptional efficiency. Capable of processing up to 30 cans per minute, this innovative technology consumes only 15m³ of gas per hour during start-up and 17m³ per hour during production. Notably, this significantly lower gas consumption results in a smaller machinery footprint compared to existing technologies, making it an ideal choice for clean room floors. By carrying out vacuum gassing and seaming operations separately, the PLF VGS™ system prevents powder migration and ensures a clean container rim, further reducing the risk of contamination.

Continued Innovation in Infant Formula Sector

After the successful release of the innovative inline filler Virtus™, launched in April 2022, once more PLF International achieves with “The introduction of the PLF VGS™ system another breakthrough in Infant Formula, which adds to PLF International’s already impressive portfolio of industry-leading technologies.” Amedeo Scapin, Global Director at PLF International, expressed the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and disruptive innovation in the infant formula sector. “With the patenting of PLF VGS™, PLF International solidifies once more its position as a frontrunner in providing advanced solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, hygiene, and quality for customers worldwide.”

Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

JBT Corporation, the parent company of PLF International, has long been dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to processors globally. “By developing the PLF VGS™ system, PLF International fulfills its pledge to create solutions that ensure the highest levels of safety, hygiene, and quality for its global customers.” Amedeo Scapin, commended PLF International for their commitment to delivering the safest and most effective technology to customers. The production of safe and high-quality infant formula is of utmost importance, and the PLF VGS™ system sets a new standard in meeting these critical requirements.

Building on Decades of Expertise

The PLF VGS™ system is the latest addition to PLF International’s esteemed vacuum filling technology, which has served global brands for over three decades. Developed in collaboration with the JBT Research Technology Center for Filling & Closing in Belgium, the PLF VGS™ system incorporates vacuum-based powder filling techniques to minimize powder loss and reduce the risk of product contamination during the vacuum and gassing process.

The patenting of the PLF VGS™ system marks a significant milestone in the infant formula processing industry. PLF International, in collaboration with JBT Corporation, has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability. With the PLF VGS™ system, infant formula processors can now enjoy enhanced safety measures, improved efficiency, and uncompromising quality in their packaging operations. As PLF International continues to lead the way in the development of advanced technologies, the future of infant formula packaging looks brighter than ever before.

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