Ask almost any harassed parent with a newborn about their priorities when it comes to infant formula and it’s likely the same phrases will come up time and again: food safety, quality and nutritional value, and ease of use. 

A new version of JBT’s high-speed SeamTec Seamer, which was developed in association with a leading infant formula producer and is now available worldwide, rises to the challenge, serving all these demands and more.

With the demand for greater package flexibility in mind, JBT engineers adapted the SeamTec for Powder to be able to handle infant formula cans with both conventional POE (Peel Off Ends) and DDE (Deep Drawn Ends). The DDE is a design innovation that enables scoops to be stored in the end, separately from the powder to ensure maximum hygiene. The exclusivity of DDE recently expired, making this technology available to all infant formula producers.

JBT and JBT PLF are market leaders in the provision of complete packaging lines for infant formula powder in cans, and the preferred supplier of packaging technology for market leaders across the category. 

Originally developed in close collaboration with one of the world’s leading infant formula producers, the JBT SeamTec for Powder is the undisputed benchmark for clinching and closing technology for infant formula.

JBT SeamTec for Powder differentiates itself from conventional seaming technology by its superior hygienic design, quick can diameter change-over, minimum powder spill, and consistently high-quality can and seam quality,” says Ronald Annendijck, JBT’s Global Product Line Manager Filling & Closing.


Available worldwide

First developed exclusively for a customer in 2014, the JBT SeamTec for Powder, has since been installed for DDE can clinching and closing at multiple locations.

“The DDE can is gaining increasing interest across the infant formula industry due to its hygiene and sustainable benefits: the DDE is an innovative way to keep the serving scoop separate from the powder without using additional plastic packaging materials,” continues Annendijck. “In fact, now that exclusivity has expired, several leading infant formula producers have recently approached JBT with the request to run both DDE and POE covers on the same clincher/closer.”

Thanks to intensive work by JBT engineers, the newest version of the SeamTec for Powder is capable of handling cans with both POE and DDE lids equally effectively, allowing customers to switch between systems with minimum change-over time, an innovation that – according to Annendijck – makes it truly unique.

“Customers no longer have to choose between POE or DDE because the SeamTec can handle both POE and DDE on the same seamer,” he says.

Flexible solutions

Depending on your business’s individual requirements, JBT can now offer three solutions for infant formula producers. When you invest in new line, the JBT SeamTec for Powder can be offered with a built-in, “future proof for DDE and POE” feature. 

For those customers with an existing JBT SeamTec for Powder, POE or DDE, JBT can convert your SeamTec to handle both DDE and POE. And in those cases where customers operate a non-JBT seamer, JBT can take back your existing machine and install a new DDE/POE SeamTec for Powder.

Competitive advantages

Covering speeds from 50 to 480 cans per minute, the SeamTec Seamer is available in 6-spindle, 3-spindle, or the popular 2 x 3-spindle “Combi” or 3 x 2-spindle “Tripli” execution. It is designed with the highest sanitary standards specifically for highly sensitive, high-value powdered products, such as infant formula, beverage powders, and nutraceuticals. 

For any profitable business, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum is vital, which is why JBT now offers its PRoCARE preventative maintenance with the SeamTec Seamer. Remote, real-time support and scheduled visits from JBT technicians will ensure the seamer is maintained in an optimum condition, thus avoiding unexpected stoppages and keeping production running.

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