Mary Beth Siddons

Mary Beth Siddons

Group President – Processing, JBT (John Bean Technologies) Diversified Food & Health

As a leading provider of technology solutions for the food processing industry, at JBT Corporation, we understand the profound importance of food safety. Our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety is unwavering, as it directly impacts public health and confidence in food products. This article will explore the significance of food safety in various processing methods, including High-Pressure Processing, Aseptic Processing, and Fruit and Vegetable Processing. 


High-Pressure Processing (HPP): 

JBT Avure’s High-Pressure Processing (HPP) technology is an innovative cold pasteurization technique that ensures food safety and extends shelf life without compromising the nutritional value and freshness of food. HPP uses high levels of hydrostatic pressure (up to 6000 bar) to inactivate foodborne pathogens and spoilage organisms. 

Moreover, HPP enables food processors to meet consumer demand for clean-label products – foods free from artificial preservatives. By maintaining the quality, taste, and nutritional content, HPP supports the production of safe, wholesome, and high-quality foods, thus demonstrating the integral role of food safety in the food processing industry. 


Aseptic Processing of Dairy, Juices, and Nutraceuticals: 

Aseptic processing is another cornerstone of food safety. This technology allows for the sterilization of products and packaging separately, ensuring the elimination of bacteria and other harmful pathogens.  

In dairy processing, aseptic technology enables the long-term preservation of milk and dairy products without refrigeration, increasing their shelf life while maintaining nutritional integrity. In juice processing, it aids in preserving the fresh taste and nutrient profile, crucial for consumer acceptance. 

For nutraceuticals, which are food products fortified with health-enhancing additives like vitamins and minerals, aseptic processing safeguards the stability and efficacy of these added nutrients. This helps to meet the rising demand for functional foods, which contribute to health beyond basic nutrition. 


Processing of Fruits and Vegetables for Sauces and Juices: 

The safety of fruits and vegetables used in sauces and juices is pivotal in preserving the overall quality of the final products. At JBT Corporation, we prioritize a comprehensive approach that ensures food safety right from the field to the bottle. 

A critical part of this process is the treatment of fruits and vegetables to eliminate pathogens while maintaining their nutritional content. Techniques such as washing, blanching, and pasteurization are commonly used. Another vital aspect is the preservation of the natural color, flavor, and texture, which is achieved through carefully controlled processing and packaging methods. 

At JBT, we believe that food safety is not just a requirement – it is a responsibility. By adopting advanced processing technologies like Avure HPP and aseptic processing, we are committed to delivering safe, high-quality food products to consumers. As we continue to innovate, our focus will always remain on ensuring food safety, as it’s the core of consumer trust and the foundation of a successful food processing industry. 

Stay tuned for our future articles where we will dive deeper into each of these technologies and their roles in promoting food safety. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about food safety and processing. Together, we can make the food processing industry safer, stronger, and more sustainable.