The food processing industry is constantly evolving, driven by the need to maintain safety, quality, and efficiency. To address these demands, JBT Corporation operates the JBT Research & Technology Center (RTC) in Madera, California. This advanced facility offers a wide range of processing authority consulting services, recognized by the FDA, USDA, and California Almond Board.

The RTC is staffed by a North American team of highly experienced thermal processing experts. These experts have In-container and Aseptic processing expertise. The plant also features a dedicated pilot plant to serve customers’ needs.

Madera RTC Capabilities

Madera RTC is an 8,000ft² pilot facility comprising of formulation/kitchen, sterilization and thermobacterioloigy areas. One of the primary services provided by the JBT RTC in Madera is its expertise in In-container sterilization systems.

Thermal process work can be performed in 8,000ft² pilot facility in Madera or at customer locations. The RTC is equipped to mix, blend, and batch products in a specialized kitchen/formulation area.

The lab features the most modern measurement technology for data collection and analysis, suitable for both continuous and batch systems. Pilot equipment for food product preparation, filling, and seaming on a small industrial scale is also available. The food scientists and technicians at the RTC have extensive knowledge of continuous rotary sterilizers, hydrostatic sterilizers, and batch sterilizers. This ensures a comprehensive range of services for clients in the food industry.

JBT Expert Assurance Researchers in a food lab testing canning recipes at JBT Research and Technology Center

Simulation Capabilities

The JBT RTC in Madera boasts an impressive array of simulation capabilities. This includes:

  • Steritort (Continuous Rotary Sterilizer – 112 and 84-inch diameter continuous rotary cooker/coolers, Hydrostatic Sterilizer)
  • SuperAgi-Multifunction Sterilizer (Stationary Waterspray, Agitating Waterspray, Water immersion, Partial immersion, 100% steam)
  • Multipurpose Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer (Stationary Waterspray, Agitating Waterspray, Hydrostatic Sterilizer, Stationary Steam).

These advanced simulation capabilities enable the RTC to conduct heat penetration studies. Customers can also evaluate product quality and container integrity under various processing conditions.

The versatile Laboratory Pressure Sterilizer has variable simulation parameters. This offers unmatched flexibility which enables clients when performing tests. It offers an infinite number of temperature and pressure profiles during come-up, sterilization, and cooling phases.

Microbiological capabilities

Madera RTC has the capability to grow and maintain crops of heat resistant bacterial spores for biological validation studies. Biological validation for thermal processes include:

  • Spore Count Reduction Method
  • Inoculated Packs and Spore Heat Resistance Studies
  • Aseptic Zone Validation, Container Sterilization Validation
  • Aseptic Surge Tank Temperature Distribution

In-Container Sterilization Services

The JBT Madera RTC offers an extensive range of capabilities and consulting services including:

  • Heat penetration
  • Data evaluation
  • Pressure profile development for flexible containers
  • Lid deflection studies
  • Temperature distribution studies
  • Venting studies
  • Thermal process plant audits
  • Biological process validation
  • Spore count reduction
  • Inoculated pack
  • Heat resistance studies
  • Process deviation evaluation
  • Control systems validation
  • Surface pasteurization for nut crops

Aseptic Process Authority Services

JBT’s Madera also offers advanced worldwide process authority and validation services that cater to aseptic processing and filling technologies. These services encompass:

  • Compliance and regulatory audits
  • Aseptic thermal process design
  • Microbiological validation of low-acid aseptic filler technologies
  • Complete FDA product filing support

Trainings Offered by JBT Madera

JBT Madera is committed to enhancing the skills and knowledge of professionals in the food processing industry. Ma offering a comprehensive selection of training courses to meet various needs.

These courses include the Thermal Processing Course. This course is designed to provide participants with a strong foundation in the principles of thermal processing. It also provides the latest techniques in the field.

The Aseptic Processing Course focuses on the principles and practices of aseptic processing and packaging. The course emphasizes equipment operation, system design, and regulatory compliance.

The Better Process Control School is accredited by the FDA and USDA. It offers training in the critical control points of food processing. This ensures that attendees possess the knowledge required for safe and efficient operations.

Students in an in-container sterilization class offered by JBT

JBT Madera also provides training on CAL-based software. This software enables participants to optimize their thermal processing systems and improve overall efficiency.

JBT Madera also recognizes the unique needs of each customer and offers specific and customized training tailored to address individual requirements. This ensures the highest level of service and support for clients in the food processing industry.

These comprehensive training programs not only enhance participants’ technical knowledge but also empower them to drive innovation and maintain the highest standards in their respective organizations.

Expert Assurance and the Role of the RTC

The RTC in Madera, California is a crucial component of JBT’s Expert Assurance program. The Madera RTC offers customized solutions to customers all over the world. Expert Assurance is designed to support customers at every stage. It offers unparalleled training, product testing, consulting, and software optimization across the globe.

The RTC is a cutting-edge facility with highly experienced experts. This delivers crucial services under the JBT Expert Assurance umbrella. These services include

  • In-container sterilization systems
  • Aseptic processing and filling technologies
  • Advanced worldwide process authority
  • Validation services

These services are catered to the evolving needs of the food and beverage industries.

JBT Retorts available at Madera RTC

By working with JBT’s Expert Assurance program, customers can benefit from RTC’s worldwide consulting services and comprehensive capabilities. This helps ensure that their projects meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and efficiency.

Our RTC’s is dedicated to innovation and customer support. This makes it a top choice for food and beverage companies looking to improve their operations. It also allows companies to stay competitive in the market.

A Comprehensive Approach to Food Processing Solutions

Our team is well-equipped to handle the development of thermal processes for specific product and container combinations. This provides solutions for a wide variety of container types such as cans, glass, plastic, pouches, and Tetra Recart. We have the expertise and technology to ensure the safety and efficiency of your product processing. At the same time, we maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity.

The JBT Research & Technology Center in Madera, California is a leader in the food processing industry. It offers unparalleled services, expertise, and technology for In-container and aseptic processing.

JBT RTC Madera has an advanced tech center and experienced staff. They are dedicated to providing outstanding customer support. This ensures they can continue to innovate in food processing and deliver excellent results to clients. Choose JBT RTC Madera for your next project and experience the difference that expertise and dedication can make.

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