Ready-To-Drink Coffee, a Beverage on the Rise

Coffee has long been a staple of the morning routine for millions of people around the world. But with the rise of ready-to-drink coffee in cans, consumers are able to enjoy their favourite caffeinated beverage anytime, anywhere.

The Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing market for ready-to-drink coffee in cans with a healthy 5 yr CAGR of 5%. The rise of this trend can be attributed to a number of factors, including increasing urbanization and changing lifestyles. The region’s growing middle class is also a driving force behind the demand for high-quality coffee products that offer convenience and exceptional flavor.
The beverage can remains the most popular package for ready-to-drink (RTD) drinks, with twice the number of units sold compared to bottles. As brands continue to invest in new product development and marketing, consumers are demanding more sensually appealing, indulgent products that provide varied, novel, and complex flavour sensations.

Introducing JBT’s Energy Recovery System

JBT Corporation, a global technology solutions provider, has responded to this demand by supplying another ABRS line (Automated Batch Retort System) to the Asia Pacific region for RTD in cans. This new ABRS line reflects manufacturers’ efforts to reduce their energy and water consumption with the incorporation of JBT’s ERS (Energy Recovery System).

In batch retort systems, the retorts, process water, and products go through cycles of heating and cooling, and during the cooling cycle, a significant amount of residual heat is generated. Traditionally, this heat is expelled into the atmosphere, which can lead to energy wastage and environmental pollution.

JBT’s Energy Recovery System recovers residual heat from the cooling cycle for the come-up phase. This reduces not only the energy required during heating but also the amount of cooling water  needed and energy expelled into the atmosphere.

JBT’s Commitment to Sustainable Solutions

JBT is committed to helping all our customers reduce energy consumption, waste and overall increasing sustainable production methods. Not only do we offer our solutions for new installations, but also for existing installations we can help customers meet their targets. The JBT Energy Recovery System for example can be offered as a retrofit for existing installations.

Other solutions JBT can offer for retort systems for improving sustainable production are our Low Energy Suction System (LESS) to reduce steam, process water and cooling water consumption and our Indirect Heating solution to save on energy and boiler make-up water and chemicals.

All these systems are designed to support JBT’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.