Minimizing moisture loss is key to maintaining and maximizing commercial shelf-life in citrus, especially when products, whether they be oranges, lemons, limes or easy-peelers, are being shipped long distances. It is here that JBT’s range of innovative coatings and waxes prove their worth by retaining moisture and flavor during packing, transportation and storage, while minimizing shrinkage and ensuring fruit respiration.

Due to be highlighted at the upcoming California Citrus Mutual 2023 Citrus Showcase, which takes place in Visalia CA on March 9, JBT’s citrus coatings and waxes can make a difference to packers and exporters working within tight profit margins by helping reduce waste and boost the commercial life of harvested citrus.

Flavor retention
Natural, carnauba-based coating Endura-fresh 9000 is one of the most recent additions to JBT’s line of freshness extension products for citrus customers. What makes Endura-fresh 9000 especially noteworthy is its ability to not only extend fruit shelf-life, but also to preserve the original flavor and freshness of citrus through the use of a proprietary combination of natural ingredients.

Sustainability is central to the benefits offered by Endura-fresh 9000. By extending shelf-life, Endura-Fresh 9000 reduces spoilage prior to consumption, helping play an important role in reducing food waste.

An edible fruit coating, Endura-Fresh 9000 can be formulated for specific types of produce, improving product appearance and guarding against weight loss by controlling moisture loss and the rate of ripening.

Further burnishing its sustainability credentials, the Endura-Fresh 9000 coating is derived from sustainably produced carnauba wax sourced from carnauba palm trees in Brazil, which is biodegradable, renewable and environmentally friendly.

Dehydration control
Similarly, Sta-Fresh® 2850 OR is a premium organic coating developed for fruits and vegetables by experts who have led the postharvest market for over 90 years. Specially formulated to help minimize moisture loss and maximize flavor preservation, Sta-Fresh 2850 OR helps citrus maintain a fresh natural appearance and enduring high shine from the packinghouse to export market. 

Another crucial feature of this coating is its ability to enhances the attractive color and deep shine of products, while at the same time ensuring good dehydration control and gas exchange properties. 

JBT will be exhibiting at the California Citrus Mutual 2023 Citrus Showcase in Visalia CA on March 9, 2023.

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