JBT, a leading global technology solutions provider, is proud to announce its participation in the IFTPS 2023 annual meeting on February 28, where it will be presenting on the development and validation of processes for low-acid particulate foods. The presentation, titled “Development and Validation of Processes for Low-Acid Particulate Foods: A JBT Turnkey Solution,” will be delivered by two of JBT’s food science professionals, Dr. Paul Gerhardt, and Jacques Bichier.

The Rise of Shelf-Stable Beverages with Particulates: A Consumer Trend

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for innovative products, especially beverages that contain particulates, such as nata de coco, aloe vera, Boba teas, and black tapioca pearls. Consumers are now looking for these products in a shelf-stable, ready-to-drink format purchased as stand-alone grocery items. This demand has created a need for specialized processing solutions, which is where JBT’s turnkey solution comes in.

Milk bubble tea

Developing Thermal Processes for Particulate Products: JBT’s Expert Assurance

This solution is a part of JBT’s Expert Assurance and involves the development of conservative, optimized-quality thermal processes tailored to specific particulate product formulations. These processes are developed using physical measurements of component ingredients and measurements of particulate flow through UHT (Ultra High Temperature) heating and hold tube systems. The JBT AseptiCALTM aseptic thermal process development program is then used to develop a safe, optimized scheduled process. For US FDA-regulated products, JBT conducts microbiological validation to confirm the efficacy of the thermal process.

example of AseptiCAL software graph

JBT’s turnkey solution not only provides sterilizers optimized to produce such products but also technical support to develop and validate the particulate scheduled thermal process. This unique capability sets JBT apart from other equipment suppliers in the industry.

JBT Expert Assurance is a tailored service that aims to improve performance, cost optimization, and food safety for customers worldwide through customized solutions in consulting, testing, training & certification, and software services. Developed to support customers every step of the way, JBT Expert Assurance provides customers with unparalleled training, product testing, consulting, and software optimization wherever they might be located.

Hear From the Experts: JBT’s Solution for Low-Acid Particulate Foods

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about valuable insights into the development and validation of processes for low-acid particulate foods and JBT’s turnkey solution from Dr. Paul Gerhardt and Jacques Bichier at the IFTPS 2023 annual meeting on February 28th. We look forward to seeing you there!