There is a global consensus in the Food and Beverage Industry regarding the benefits of reaching sustainability goals and JBT is committed to supporting its partners to achieve it through increasing yield, reduction in unnecessary wastage, and greater control of energy usage, through the renovation of the existing product lines and innovation.

Thanks to our accrued knowledge, we understand there are specificities our customers’ operations present, and to support them in their sustainability path JBT builds strategic alliances with well-placed, global innovators such as TORR Industries, which offers sustainable solutions that are cost-effective, commercially viable, and complementary to the core of JBT products.

TORR’s products allow JBT to offer even more versatile solutions for both low-acid and high-acid food products in a variety of packaging formats. The alliance between JBT Corporation and TORR Industries combines JBT’s expertise in food processing technology with TORR’s expertise in the aseptic and non-aseptic bag-filling industry, expanding JBT´s capabilities and offering more complete solutions to their customers.


High-Speed Filling Solutions for Efficient and Sustainable Production

TORR has aseptic and non-aseptic, high-speed fillers for high throughput and efficient filling that depending on the requirements of the clients, could run with minimal inputs while reducing labor, electricity, air, footprint, and product waste.

Products filled with Aseptic bag fillers have the sustainability benefit that shelf-stable products do not require a cold supply chain, providing food processors with significant energy savings, and food waste reduction since the product has a longer shelf-life at room temperatures.


Safe and Secure Filling for Sterile Products with TORR’s Double-Membrane Process

TORR’s SteriGLAND™ double-membrane aseptic filling process utilizes steam and high temperatures to ensure a sterility assurance level validated by the FDA. Capable of filling 2–1500-liter containers for shipping, the closed system guarantees that sterile products like milk, cream, coconut water, or vegetable pulps are not exposed to the outside atmosphere at any stage. “Any sterile liquids can safely and securely be packed, meaning they can be transported without refrigeration whilst maintaining their shelf-life and complying with food safety requirements,” Chris Rutter – Sales and Marketing Director at TORR.



Environmentally Friendly Packaging for Liquid Products

Each customer, depending on the segment they participate in, has different packaging requirements. TORR has solutions for retail and food service bag-in-box, stand-up pouches, drums, and bins.

Bag-in-box (BIB) packaging is one of the preferred packages by the consumer over rigid plastics because it is easier to dispose of and reduces land-fill waste.

TORR, which also markets aseptic filling machines under the SteriGLAND™ brand specializes in bag and box packaging systems, and has grown to become one of the major vendors of filling machines for 1.5 to 5-liter packs worldwide. Chris Rutter added, “TORR Industries has also been at the forefront of design changes to meet the ergonomic aspects of packaging.”

JBT – TORR Industries alliance is committed to supporting its customer with solutions that improve their processes and fulfill their own sustainability objectives, whether that be reducing resources required to produce safe food, reducing food waste, or efficient production of beverages and/or foods.