JBT Corporation’s Prevenio is revolutionizing the way we protect our fresh produce. With their breakthrough post-harvest produce washing technology, they are not only achieving the highest levels of pathogen protection but also creating a safer work environment while lowering costs through waste and water reduction. 

Prevenio’s produce washing technology is based on a patent-pending automated wash system that carefully designs intervention strategies around specific products, processes, and plant conditions. This allows for a tailored solution using unique chemistries, which, when used alone, sequenced, or in combination with peracetic acid (PA), have proven to be highly effective in achieving 99.999%+ pathogen reduction while also dramatically improving the shelf life and sensory profile of the product. This technology can reach the highest levels of protection against the top pathogenic threats on processed fruits and vegetables, attain a 3.0+ log reduction on the surface of processed produce in less than 30 seconds, and achieve a 5.0+ log reduction of pathogens in processing water. 


Prevenio’s OxypHresh is a peracetic acid product that is highly effective in killing pathogens on both fresh-cut and ready-to-eat produce. What sets OxypHresh apart is that it is certified organic and kosher. Prevenio believes that selecting the right peracetic acid and optimizing the concentration and pH is crucial to achieving the highest levels of protection and extension of shelf life. 


Another product offered by Prevenio is ProduceShield+, a patented antimicrobial formulation that has greater efficacy and superior performance compared to chlorine. It is very stable under high organic loads and requires less additional dosing to maintain effective concentrations. ProduceShield+ is also odorless and tasteless, saves water, and provides up to a 5-log reduction in Salmonella and E. coli. 

ProduceShield+ with OxypHresh 

Prevenio also offers ProduceShield+ with OxypHresh, a superior antimicrobial solution that provides rapid reduction of pathogens. This unique blend is also highly effective in reducing yeast and mold and spoilage bacteria, therefore extending shelf life. 


For pH adjustment in the wash process, Prevenio offers BasicpHresh, a processing aid that when used in conjunction with PAA creates an innovative antimicrobial solution that has proven effective in reducing E. coli, salmonella, and bacteria in produce while also improving worker safety. This combination, most notably, improves the shelf life and appearance of leafy greens. 

ProduceShield+ Mushroom 

Finally, Prevenio also offers ProduceShield+ Mushroom, an advanced antimicrobial solution specifically designed to effectively clean the surface of mushrooms without impacting taste or color. Utilizing 100% FDA GRAS ingredients, this product is effective at killing E. coli 0157 in wash water, while providing improved appearance and whiteness of the produce. 

A More Sustainable Choice: Reducing Food Waste & Water Use with Prevenio 

Prevenio is not only committed to providing superior pathogen protection but also extending the shelf life of produce. The company’s patented antimicrobial produce washing solutions, such as OxypHresh, ProduceShield+, and ProduceShield+ Mushroom, have been evaluated and proven to have a significant impact on extending shelf life compared to traditional chlorine treatments. 

One example is Prevenio’s test on mixed bagged salads, where they found that bagged mixes treated with OxypHresh 15 showed less purge, browning, and decay compared to chlorine over 21 days. This demonstrates the superiority of Prevenio’s solution in maintaining the freshness and quality of produce, even after a prolonged period. 

Another advantage is the elimination of the need for rinsing after application. This significantly reduces the amount of water required for produce washing, and can have a significant impact on the environment, especially in areas that are already facing water scarcity. With this wash technology, water is used only for the application of the cleaning solution, and there is no need for additional rinsing. This has the potential to save millions of gallons of water, which translates into significant cost savings for companies and reduces the burden on the environment. 

By using Prevenio’s solutions, not only is the safety of the produce ensured, but it also helps to reduce food waste and water use. This makes Prevenio’s solution not only a safer choice for consumers but also a more sustainable one. 

Commitment to Food Safety and Worker Safety: Prevenio’s Approach 

Prevenio’s commitment to food safety extends beyond the protection of the produce itself. The company is also dedicated to creating a safer work environment for those involved in the post-harvest process. In this regard, Prevenio’s solutions offer a significant advantage over traditional chlorine treatments. 

Chlorine is a highly reactive and toxic substance, which can pose a hazard to workers managing it in the processing plant. The gas can cause respiratory irritation and eye irritation, and prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues. On the other hand, Prevenio’s solutions are designed to be safe for workers, with ingredients that are 100% FDA GRAS and free from toxic and hazardous substances. 

Moreover, the precision and control offered by Prevenio’s patented delivery system, D3S, allows for the accurate and efficient application of the solutions. This reduces the risk of worker exposure and ensures that the desired concentration is achieved for maximum efficacy. 

Revolutionizing Produce Protection with Prevenio 

JBT’s Prevenio is a leading innovator in post-harvest protection. Their solutions, such as OxypHresh, ProduceShield+, and ProduceShield+ Mushroom, are designed to provide superior pathogen protection, extend the shelf life of produce, and create a safer work environment. Prevenio’s technology uses an automated delivery system that ensures the precise and efficient application of solutions, reducing waste and worker exposure. These innovative solutions are not only a safer choice for consumers and workers but also a more sustainable one as they help to reduce food waste and improve the quality of the produce. Prevenio’s commitment to food safety and worker safety is evident in its approach and the use of 100% FDA GRAS ingredients in its solutions. With Prevenio’s solutions, processed produce is more secure, fresh, and of better quality than ever before.  

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