At JBT, we are committed to sustainability and the responsible use of resources in the food industry. We understand the vital role that the food industry plays in feeding the world’s population, and we strive to develop technologies and solutions that not only improve efficiency and yield, but also minimize waste and reduce our impact on the environment.

To this end, we offer a wide range of technologies and solutions designed to help food processors maximize yield and improve efficiency. From water portioning systems and cooking equipment to post-harvest coatings and robotics, we have the tools and expertise to help our customers optimize their operations and achieve their sustainability goals.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the technologies and solutions that JBT has to offer for food processors, highlighting their benefits and impacts they make to help move our customers forward to achieve higher yields. Whether you are looking to optimize shelf-life or improve efficiency and yield by reducing waste, JBT has the solution for you.

Post-Harvest Coatings Solutions to Extend Shelf-Life

JBT’s Fresh Produce Technologies offers post-harvest coatings solutions to help food processors reduce food waste and protect precious resources. Our post-harvest equipment is designed to reduce water and energy usage in the washing, coating, and drying of produce after it is harvested, making the process more sustainable and efficient.

Our natural coatings provide protection from farm to fridge, ensuring that produce arrives as fresh as possible to consumer homes. This helps to minimize food waste by preserving the freshness of the produce and maximizing its shelf-life.

Proper identification is also key to reducing food waste and profit loss. By providing the proper location for each fruit or vegetable, our post-harvest labeling & identification solutions ensure that produce is properly tracked and handled throughout the supply chain, minimizing the risk of loss or waste.

FTNON Robotics

FTNON Robotics offers a range of solutions for automating food processing operations and improving yield and efficiency. Our robotic systems provide safe, hygienic processing with a high degree of accuracy, helping to minimize food waste and maximize yield.

One of the key benefits of FTNON Robotics is the reduction in steam usage. Our DCC steamer utilizes advanced technology to reduce steam usage ranging from 30 up to 90% compared to conventional steamers.

In addition to steam reduction, FTNON Robotics also helps to reduce water usage in food processing operations. Our Urtasun and FTNON Fruit and Vegetable washers are designed to maximize the use of available water, reducing the amount of water needed to operate the equipment.

Extending Shelf-Life

Filling and preservation technologies are crucial for extending the shelf-life of foods and beverages and reducing food waste. At JBT, we offer a range of solutions for naturally extending the life of foods and beverages through heat or pressure treatments, which not only reduce waste through product spoilage but also provide the world with a wide variety of shelf-stable and extended shelf-life foods.

Technologies such as our Retorts, Rotary Pressure Sterilizer, and Hydromatic® Hydrostatic Sterilizer can increase shelf-life and reduce food waste through heat treatments. By preserving the quality and freshness of products, we can extend their shelf-life and minimize the risk of spoilage or waste.

Our Avure High Pressure Processing (HPP) machines uses pressure to extend shelf life. Unlike thermal, chemical, and other high-heat treatments, HPP runs cold. It doesn’t alter food taste, texture, quality, or require loads of chemicals to stay “fresh.” Even better, it can extend shelf life up to two or three times longer than traditional preservation methods.

New Mexico Fresh Avure

In addition to reducing food waste, filling and preservation technologies also help to improve food safety. Both pressure and heat treatments are an effective way to kill pathogens and ensure that products are safe for consumption. By using these technologies, we can help protect consumers and improve the overall safety of the food supply.

Juice Processing to Maximize Juice Yield

At JBT, we offer a range of solutions for maximizing juice yield in citrus processing operations. Our goal is to help food processors extract the maximum amount of high-quality juice, while also recovering valuable by-products such as pulp, essential oils, and peel.

One of the key benefits of our juice processing solutions is the ability to extract high-quality juice from citrus fruits. Our equipment is designed to efficiently and effectively squeeze citrus to extract the maximum amount of juice, resulting in a higher yield and a better-quality product.

In addition to maximizing juice yield, we also offer solutions for recovering valuable by-products such as pulp and essential oils. By separating the pulp from the juice, we can recover an extra 3-4% yield, which can be used in juice concentrates, flavored carbonated beverages, and other high-value market applications. For example, our READYGo d-LIMONENE system allows us to extract essential oils from citrus peels, which are used in a variety of products ranging from soaps and perfumes to computer cleaners and dish detergent.

Finally, we also offer solutions for processing the peel by-product, which represents 15% of the fruit weight. By creating a base for certain soft drinks and using the remaining peel for cattle feed, we are able to use 100% of the orange and maximize yield.

Coil UHT Sterilizer – Reduction of Product Waste

JBT’s Coil UHT Sterilizers offer a range of benefits for food processors looking to reduce product waste and improve efficiency. These sterilizers provide advanced technology that extends run times to between 20-24 hours, resulting in less downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

One of the key benefits of our UHT Sterilizers is the ability to increase yield by reducing the need for clean-in-place (CIP) cycles. With extended run times, processors can run their equipment for longer periods of time without the need for CIPs, resulting in higher yield and less waste.

In addition to increasing yield, our UHT Sterilizers also offer a range of other benefits that help to reduce waste and improve efficiency. They use 15-17% less steam than competing technologies, with 86% heat recovery, helping to reduce energy consumption and costs. They also have a smaller volume than other UHTs, reducing product waste by 20% at every stop or product change.

Optimize Food Processing Operations with JBT

JBT is committed to sustainability and the responsible use of resources in the food industry. We offer a wide range of technologies and solutions designed to help our customers maximize yield and improve efficiency, while minimizing waste and reducing their impact on the environment.

To support our customers in their efforts to optimize their operations, we offer a range of resources, including our Research & Technology Centers, Expert Assurance program, and OmniBlu platform. These programs provide access to machine learning as well as industry experts, training, and technical support to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Expert Assurance

At JBT, we are committed to helping our customers optimize their operations and achieve their sustainability goals. To support this effort, we offer a range of resources, including our Research and Technology Centers (RTCs) as part of our Expert Assurance program.

Our RTCs are located across the globe and are equipped with JBT’s equipment and staffed by experienced professionals who have access to a database of over 10,000 applications. These centers provide training, equipment demonstrations, and support for product and process development, rigorous testing of new equipment, food laboratory work, industrial and scientific symposia, and live demos at our customers’ convenience.

JBT Expert Assurance Course At JBT Research and Technology Center

In addition to our RTCs, our Expert Assurance program also provides access to industry experts, training, and technical support to help our customers optimize their operations. Whether you are looking to improve efficiency, reduce waste, or develop new products and processes, our team of experts is here to help.


JBT’s OmniBlu platform is a comprehensive solution for optimizing food processing operations. With its digital tools, we can monitor machine health and performance in real-time and assist in improving energy and water savings.

One of the key benefits of OmniBlu is its ability to optimize energy and water usage. By monitoring factors such as the concentrations of cleaning chemicals and the volume and temperature of cleaning water, we can provide immediate feedback and help our customers reduce waste and costs at all stages of the production process.

In addition to improving efficiency, OmniBlu helps to optimize the use of raw materials and reduce food waste. By using data analytics and machine learning, OmniBlu can identify opportunities for improvement and provide recommendations for optimizing processes.