A foundational sustainability principle is to make the most use out of our precious resources. We design products to maximize the yield and value of each raw ingredient. For example, our citrus solutions are designed to not just extract the juice, but also to process the valuable by-products, including the peel, essential oils, and pulp. With our citrus processing solutions, customers can recover 100% of the value out of the citrus fruit, allowing the ability to develop lucrative secondary and tertiary products – like essential oils and cattle feed. So not only are you caring for the environment that underpins your livelihood, but you are also generating wealth from waste.

Reducing Food Waste & Increasing Yield

Reducing Food Waste & Increasing Yield Food waste contributes to two of our biggest global challenges — hunger and climate change. Today, nearly 690 million people are hungry around the world1 —10 million more than in 2020. Being mindful of the needed resources to better ensure food security for all is a great responsibility, which is why we are continuously innovating to find new solutions to reduce food waste. As the single largest category of waste in municipal landfills, food waste also emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas contributing to climate change2. It is estimated that food waste was responsible for 8% to 10% of global emissions between 2010 and 20163. By tackling this problem through the products we offer, we are helping our customers contribute to a better world.


JBT Corporation is the world leader in the citrus juice extraction market, with our industrial equipment processing 75% of the world’s juice production across more than 35 different countries. Our Whole Fruit Extraction Principle that results in near-instantaneous separation is the driving reason for the outstanding juice quality delivered by the JBT Citrus Juice Extractor. The citrus extraction system yields more juice per unit of fruit than any other system. This exceptional performance is made possible due to the ability of our equipment to squeeze all citrus fruit efficiently regardless of size and shape. JBT Citrus Juice Extractors will handle a wide range of fruit varieties and sizes, including limes, lemons, mandarins, oranges, and grapefruit.


The recovery of secondary solids from citrus pulp is one of the most straightforward methods to increase primary juice yield. Typical solutions create 3%-4% of extra yield by separating the pulp, which is used not only in juices, but flavored carbonated beverages and other high-value market applications as well.

Secondary Solids (Pulp Wash)

Historically, secondary solids systems were an expensive endeavor requiring customized design and an extensive on-site installation effort. As part of our READYGoTM family of skid-mounted citrus processing systems, the READYGo PULPWASH simplifies installation and operation of the secondary solids recovery process, leading to a yield increase of up to eight percent. Finally, we offer core wash recovery to recover solids from the core material generated by the JBT Citrus Juice Extractor for a potential yield increase of an addition 1-2%.

Essential Oils

Citrus essential oils are used in a variety of products, ranging from flavors and fragrances to computer cleaners and dish detergents. For recovery of cold-pressed oils, we offer not only custom-engineered solutions for large-scale processors, but READYGo CPO skidded solutions for smaller volume processors.

Alternatively, our READYGo d-LIMONENE systems recover more terpenes than traditional cold-pressed systems, which can increase overall revenue. The oil-bearing emulsion created during primary extraction uses the same method as for cold-pressed oil processing except that less water is needed.

For example, JBT found that some of Brazil’s small and mid-sized citrus processors, peel and other residues have traditionally been thrown away or used as cattle feed, but with potentially lucrative means of monetizing these leftovers, these systems now enable these processors to get more out of the same citrus volumes.

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Squeezing the Most Out of Citrus Processing

At the end of the day, your goal is to profitably provide amazing products to downstream customers. Sustainability just might be a major key to accomplishing this.

Yes, juicing may be your primary line of business. But JBT enables you to do it in smarter ways that use the same or fewer inputs and resources, which can: Increase production efficiencies, create new uses of byproducts, result in savings on raw materials costs, boost the utilization of your facility, reduce waste, diversify your streams of income.

JBT citrus processing machinery lets you use everything from the peels to the pips to the pulps. Instead of relying on just the juices, you can develop lucrative secondary and tertiary products. So not only are you caring for the environment, but you are also generating wealth from waste.

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