JBT understands that the pharmaceutical industry is a capital-intensive sector, involving large-scale upfront costs and a lengthy wait to see a financial return. Our A&B Process Systems unit specializes in the stainless steel custom fabrication of both industrial and sanitary process systems, and works with our pharmaceutical partners to design, manufacture and install the best process system for your unique application. We are committed to reducing downtime and completing your project within budget and on time from concept to completion. Learn more about how the experience, expertise and full-service partnership provided by JBT’s A&B Process Systems are addressing some of today’s most pressing pharmaceutical industry challenges.

The Challenge

Today, the combined forces of accelerated drug approval schedules and recent supply chain challenges endemic in today’s economy have made it difficult to keep current pharmaceutical project timelines on track. Pharmaceutical Capital Expenditure (Capex) project timelines are under more pressure now than at any time in recent history, and the industry must adjust to this new reality. JBT’s A&B Process Systems business unit, which manufactures custom process skids used to create life-saving medicines like biologics and vaccines, is driving the innovation needed to safeguard key project timelines and help our pharmaceutical customers meet their most pressing needs.

The Solution

To safeguard project schedules, A&B’s approach starts before a proposal is even submitted. Every proposal needs a dedicated and diverse team who participates in a rigorous risk assessment that identifies potential pitfalls to the overall project objectives, including commercial, technical and schedule challenges.  Identifying these risks early allows our team to engage the customer in a proactive dialog before the proposal is submitted with a clear plan of execution.

This dialog is so critical, and the investment of JBT resources so important to achieving a project’s goal, that often the inability to engage on a meaningful level of interaction at the proposal stage will often lead to apprehension in participation.  At this stage, A&B frequently implements proven mitigation strategies, including:

  • Identification of alternative suppliers for components based on lead-time.
  • Leveraging automation in fabrication to reduce labor costs and schedules (example: laser welded jackets and automated vessel welding).
  • Foresight of long-lead components to seek approval to order upon project commencement/PO.
  • Concise engineering and design schedule to focus on the schedule of fabrication.
  • Clear and streamlined project team organization, reporting and approval levels with possible co-location of engineering personnel during design and testing phases.
  • Dedicated Project Management and optional material expediter.
  • Rapid management of project debits and credits through a clear change order process.
  • Desired testing or qualification scope, schedule and resourcing that leverages Factory Acceptance Testing to reduce field commissioning.

Furthermore, a larger benefit to partnering with JBT’s A&B Process Systems is the vertical integration of our operations. With over 50 years of operations under our belt, A&B has developed into a highly integrated manufacturer and installer of custom sanitary process solutions. We build our own vessels, perform our own process piping, skid assembly and automation, and have a large field process piping and install crew. This broad offering allows A&B to control the quality and schedule of our projects, without having to compete for priority on the open market.

The Results

In addition to A&B’s deep knowledge and experience, we provide a level of dialog that considers the myriad of components that impact a project timeline. This leads to a detailed proposal that documents the objectives of the project, the assumptions made and the critical success factors to achieving end-points. As a result, A&B has adapted and adopted new methods and practices to deliver for our customers and their engineering company partners more effectively. Our proven process allows us to deliver large custom process skid projects at industry best lead-times.

JBT is proud of the critical role we play, as part of your larger team, in the success of our solutions in the delivery of life-saving medicines and therapies for our partners. Learn more about how JBT’s A&B Process Systems can support and safeguard your project timelines by visiting our website or reaching out to our sales team: https://www.jbtc.com/foodtech/products-and-solutions/brands/a-and-b-process-systems/.