JBT is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food and beverage industry. We design, produce, and service sophisticated products and systems for multinational and regional food companies, making us experts in food manufacturing. 

For us, it is imperative to support the improvement of your plant. JBT Expert Assurance offers consulting services that can help you improve your plant’s equipment and processes. Our experts can provide an analysis of your production process and develop a strategic plan to increase efficiency and improve the use of your equipment. We will assist you in designing the right innovative solution, ensuring reliability and performance across all areas of operations and food safety, including quality, environment, and production. 

Equipment and Line Performance 

We understand that you want to offer your customers the best possible products and services. But if your equipment and lines aren’t performing up to par, it can be difficult for you to meet those expectations. And it costs more money than necessary. 

Our consulting services help companies of all sizes improve their efficiency through our line performance assessments. We work with clients across the food and beverage industry in order to identify areas where improvement is needed and then develop solutions that help them get back on track—whether that means increasing throughput or reducing waste or improving quality control or whatever else might be necessary. 

JBT Expert Assurance’s Consulting services can help you improve your plant’s equipment and processes. 

JBT Expert Assurance’s Consulting Services focuses on our knowledge and expertise using JBT experts across the globe. These services are designed to support our customers’ efficiency improvement programs and provide: 

  • An in-depth understanding of operating conditions, including an assessment of current equipment performance, as well as future capacity needs. 
  • A review of food safety protocols and recommendations for improving them. 
  • A review of maintenance procedures to ensure they are up-to-date and effective in maintaining optimal performance levels. 
  • Yield optimization to help ensure you are extracting the most value out of each ingredient you process 

Our experts carry out a full analysis of production processes and provide a strategic plan for increasing yield, quality, and throughput. Recognized by the FDA, USDA, and other regulatory services, JBT’s Process Authority consulting services cover everything from increasing primary juice yields in juice processing to validating or re-validating sterilization equipment. 

Juice & High Acid Processing 

Our technical services for juice processing help you achieve higher primary juice yields within the industry-established juice quality parameters and also help in achieving higher by-product recoveries. 

Aseptic and Low Acid Processing

Our Process Authority consulting services are recognized by the FDA, USDA, and other regulatory agencies. JBT provides advanced worldwide process authority and validation services in support of aseptic processing and filling technologies. Services include compliance/regulatory audits (21CFR108, 113, 117), aseptic thermal process design, validation of low-acid aseptic filler technology, and complete FDA-product filing support. 

In-container Processing & In-Flow Services 

For In-container processing, our process authorities work with you to develop thermal processes for specific product/container combinations. We can develop thermal processes for any product and/or container combination. Services include validation of newly installed sterilization equipment, Re-validation of existing installed sterilization equipment, Process filing assistance to the FDA, and process evaluation and deviation analysis. 

Food Safety & High-Pressure Processing (HPP) 

Our High-Pressure Processing team has a food lab service to help you with food safety validation and shelf-life studies, packaging studies and guidance, food quality and chemistry capabilities, product development, and other consultancy services as needed. Our team members are experts in sealing in taste, vitamins, and nutrients and neutralizing pathogens and microorganisms. 

A Positive Impact on Your Bottom Line 

Improvements are necessary to keep up with the changing landscape, to enable your machinery to perform at its optimum level, and to ensure the efficiency of your overall manufacturing processes. At JBT, we believe that plant performance improvement is a team sport. Whether it’s improving juice yield or optimizing thermal processing, we’re proud to be your partner in creating and capturing value throughout the entire food manufacturing process. We have a long history and proven experience in supporting our customers toward profitable growth.