AutoCoding Systems offers an innovative solution that revolutionizes the packaging industry by eliminating errors and increasing efficiency. AutoCoding utilizes advanced technology to automate the coding and labeling process on packaging lines, reducing the potential for human error and saving time and money for businesses. 

Reducing Waste and Protecting the Environment with AutoCoding 

By automating processes on the packaging line, AutoCoding Systems contributes to sustainability efforts in the packaging industry. By avoiding packaging, coding, and labeling errors, product recalls are reduced if not eliminated, and packaging waste and rework become a thing of the past.  By accurately and consistently applying the correct codes and labels to each product, AutoCoding Systems helps to ensure that products are properly labeled and can be easily traced through the supply chain.

The AutoCoding solution is a valuable innovation in the packaging industry, offering benefits such as eliminating errors, increased efficiency and automation, cost and time savings, and the potential for sustainability. The system utilizes advanced technology to apply codes and labels accurately and consistently to products, reducing the risk of errors and recalls, and streamlining the packaging process to reduce waste and improve efficiency. By implementing solutions from AutoCoding Systems, businesses can expect to see a range of benefits that can improve their operations and bottom line.

Say Goodbye to Packaging Errors 

One of the major benefits of AutoCoding is the ability to eliminate packaging errors. These errors can be costly for businesses, leading to product recalls and damaging the company’s reputation. With AutoCoding , the risk of errors is significantly reduced, as the system can accurately and consistently apply the correct codes and labels to each product.  Additionally, by automating the set-up of the production line, downtime and changeover time are significantly reduced, thereby reducing labor costs and increasing profitability. 

With the additional modules available from AutoCoding Systems, factories can extend automation into quality assurance, inspection reporting, and line performance monitoring.  The Paperless Quality module automates inline/offline QA processes with data capture and subsequent reporting.  All checks are recorded in the quality audit log removing the need for paper records.  Inspection reporting monitors inspection equipment in real-time identifying inefficiencies quickly and allowing the necessary corrective action to be taken to minimize product giveaway.  The LPR module ensures equipment is running at its optimum capacity, improving performance and increasing productivity.