Extending the freshness of citrus fruits has been a cornerstone of JBT’s postharvest business. Freshness extension through use of our natural coatings such as Endura-Fresh 9000 accomplishes different objectives for our customers, consumers, and our planet. For our customers, consistent fresh market arrivals with Endura-Fresh 9000 helps drive brand recognition and encourages repeat sales.

“Citrus fruits are a favorite of customers around the world. However, they are also highly perishable making it difficult to satisfy consumer demand for quality fruit.” says Christina Campos, JBT’s FPT General Manager. “This is where JBT’s Endura-Fresh 9000 coating comes in. This natural carnauba-based coating helps keep citrus fruits fresh longer.”

Taste the Freshness with Maximized Flavor Retention

Consumers are always looking for the freshest products available. They want to be able to walk into a grocery store and purchase a piece of fruit that tastes like it was just picked from the tree. With long distance exports, this is not always the case.

Fortunately, with the help of Endura-Fresh 9000, consumers can now enjoy citrus fruits that are as close to freshly picked from the tree as possible. Not only does this product extend the shelf-life of the fruit, allowing it to last longer, but it also preserves its original flavor and freshness.

The benefits of Endura-Fresh 9000 are far reaching. By extending shelf-life, Endura-Fresh 9000 reduces spoilage prior to consumption, helping to expand food availability to the world and reducing food waste. Additionally, Endura-Fresh 9000 uses a proprietary combination of natural ingredients to help preserve the freshness of the produce.

A Natural Coating Providing a Quality Shine

Endura-Fresh 9000 is a natural coating derived from carnauba. Carnauba wax is sustainably produced from the fronds of carnauba palm trees in Brazil. It is biodegradable, renewable, environmentally friendly, and is widely used to coat food, such as candy and cheese, and pharmaceutical pills. The primary benefit of using carnauba wax on citrus fruits is that it helps to keep them fresh for longer. The wax acts as a protective barrier against moisture, dirt, and bacteria, sealing in the freshness of the fruit and helping to prevent spoilage. The wax also helps to retain the flavor and aroma of the fruit, making it taste better and more fragrant.

As the main component of Endura-Fresh 9000, carnauba wax can also help to keep citrus fruits looking their best. The wax coating imparts an attractive shine which makes the fruits more appealing to customers, thus increasing sales.

Improving Gas Exchange for Optimal Citrus Quality

Endura-Fresh 9000 is an innovative solution for the packing and shipping of citrus fruits as it allows for improved gas exchange and superior protection.  This natural coating reduces conditions that cause off-flavors and rind pitting and provides excellent dehydration control. It can be applied in the packinghouse in a wide range of conditions, and at various application rates.

Experience Maximum Freshness with JBT’s Endura-Fresh 9000: The Natural Way to Keep Your Citrus Fruits Fresh Longer

JBT’s Endura-Fresh 9000 is an ideal solution for those looking to extend the freshness of their citrus fruits. Not only does it help our customers, consumers, and our planet, but it also helps to reduce postharvest waste and damage. If you are looking for a reliable and natural way to keep your citrus fresh longer, look no further than JBT’s Endura-Fresh 9000. Christina Campos, JBT’s FPT General Manager puts it, “Endura-Fresh is the ideal solution for citrus producers looking to ensure their citrus products reach their customers in the freshest condition possible.”

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