As a partner, JBT understands that operating and servicing equipment can be challenging. We are increasing our efforts to offer solutions enhancing predictability, improving equipment connectivity, and ensuring the “ease of doing business.”   We are moving in challenging times where travel restrictions and scarce technical resources have become a new normal.   As an answer to these challenges, JBT’s PRoCARE customized preventative maintenance programs are being successfully implemented across all areas of the food processing industry where JBT has a presence.   A network of JBT technical experts, close to your factory, delivers the tailored services comprised in the PRoCARE® agreement and results in a good connection with customer maintenance and operation teams. Thanks to this close connection, JBT can react on your changing needs and adapt the PRoCARE® program to maintain the highest value.  PRoCARE® offers a customized preventative maintenance package to minimize the number of unpredicted stops.   

Keep your maintenance costs under control. 

Proactive, professional, and preventive maintenance significantly reduces your downtime and helps you control your costs. 

PRoCARE® parts inventory audits identify parts needed to support the daily maintenance and critical components to avoid long production stops due to parts availability.   JBT PRoCARE® offers the support of experienced food technologists to validate & optimize your production process together with your quality assurance department. They are also able to offer calibration services helping you to maintain a safe food process operating in the most economical way.  By applying an adaptive preventive maintenance program, based on experience and detailed machine inspections, the needed actions are proactively put in place to avoid unplanned, budget shattering production stops.  

Improve your daily operations and maintenance 

PRoCARE® is designed to optimize uptime for all your JBT equipment — large and small, old, and new. 

With a PRoCARE service level agreement from JBT, we bring expertise on site that can help your team to optimize their maintenance and operations based on best industry practices.    The JBT experts will be able to advise on the Options & Upgrades that can add value to your current operations and allow you to further reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.   Training programs included with PRoCARE® ensure the required knowledge is transferred to the factory teams.   In case of unplanned events on a food production line, it is important to react timely. Therefore, JBT has created direct contact points through a service helpdesk and can support the local technician/operator with JBT Augmented Remote Assistance services that can be included in the PRoCARE® program. 

Monitor & plan your operations and grow your business together.  

PRoCARE® generates insight into the needs of each machine & leads to increased up-time and productivity 

PRoCARE® delivers strategic insights and site plans that can be constructed with all captured data.    The PRoCARE® Maintenance plans are adapted by trending the equipment condition, capturing, and visualizing the machine performance status, which can be used as a guidance to maximize yield on the line.  Learn More About the Advantages of PRoCARE.


PRoCARE®: A true partnership to keep your equipment performing to your best advantage and a smart way to produce more tonnage per day.