More than half of U.S. consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of packaging.9 Many food and beverage companies are taking note and aligning their strategies with this shift in consumer preferences by adopting more sustainable packaging. To help them with their commitments, we are providing solutions that help reduce plastic packaging and that are compatible with paperbased materials.

To help our customers reduce overall plastic usage, our Proseal® technologies replace more cumbersome and wasteful alternatives. Compared to using a plastic clamshell, the top-sealed trays run through Proseal equipment use 42% less plastic and makes stacking packages much more efficient. This saves on space and hassle in transportation and storage. Horizontal film wrapping of containers uses less plastic than clamshells but comes with its own challenges.

These packages tend to result in more damaged product and spillage, wasting valuable product. The top-sealed tray, however, provides superior protection of the product. In addition, our Proseal packaging solutions are compatible with board and paper pulp materials to make switching to more sustainable materials easy for our customers. HALOPACK® is lightweight, cardboard packaging with a better seal than standard PP-PE or PET packaging. This packaging consists of over 90% recycled cardboard and is easily separated from the plastic layer, so consumers can recycle it at home. Further, the integrity of the product is preserved without additives like PE-coatings, lime, or adhesives, keeping the food clean and preserved at its optimum state.