At JBT, sustainability is truly at the heart of our Team Members. From Europe to South America and beyond, our Team Members dedicate time and effort to giving back to their local communities. Cleaning up areas around the factories and offices, planting trees, and maintaining green spaces are some examples of our Team Members giving back.

Below is an example of our sustainability efforts from our team in Parma, Italy. The team spent the first part of the day learning about sustainability and then moved to cleaning waste and planting trees. Lastly, everyone was gifted an reusable water bottle as we encourage team members to avoid excess use of single use plastic bottles.

JBT’s purpose is to help our customers succeed in the marketplace by giving them solutions to make better use of the world’s precious resources. Focusing on sustainability and optimizing the use of natural resources means doing business responsibly and wisely. We help our customers achieve both through automation, electrification, and efficiency. Whether it’s providing zero-emissions equipment at an airport or maximizing food yield in a processing facility, JBT is engineering solutions today that are moving our world toward a more sustainable tomorrow – we are Making it BETTER.