Throughout JBT’s long history, we have been dedicated to the practice of continuous improvement and perfecting the art of delivering specialized services across a variety of markets and industries. Today, we have a keen understanding of juice and beverage processing that ensures the highest quality of safety, freshness, and taste, and offer solutions designed to cut costs, reduce waste, and improve end-product quality.

Today, we are proud to expand our solutions to include the all-new FVPGrow™ and Chopper/Blender SE for our fresh produce customers, which are specifically designed for juice and purée processors in need of smaller-sized, versatile machinery. Both of these technologies serve unique and evolving needs across fruit and vegetable processing lines, and will enhance our customers’ outputs in today’s extremely competitive market.

Furthermore, the sustainability features of these technologies – in addition to the notable improvements in safety, hygiene and quality – are perfect examples of JBT’s ongoing investment in the innovation of our solutions. We are committed to addressing our customers’ evolving needs and helping them reach and exceed their production goals, with sustainability always in mind. Learn more about each new solution below:


JBT’s FVPGrow™ technology is a perfect solution to accommodate the needs of smaller production spaces. With modern improvements that provide easy access and quick disassembly for rapid cleaning, this technology separates seeds, skins and extraneous particulate material to produce a liquid or semi-liquid product out of various fruits and vegetables. It offers continuous, hygienic juice extraction at up to one ton per hour, depending on the raw product, and minimizes product loss to maximize overall yield. No heat is added during the extraction process, suiting the product for immediate bottling, and can be followed with JBT’s High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. Customers also benefit from enhanced simplicity and efficiency throughout the production process driven by FVPGrow™’s single motor.

Chopper/Blender SE

JBT’s Chopper/Blender SE technology rapidly reduces frozen product into a palpable condition for juice and purée production. Its notable differentiators are specific heating jackets that support the product thawing process and help the purée flow seamlessly into the system. Combined with a unique, heavy duty blade, these features allow the product to reach a flowable state quickly. The frozen juice drum processing rate of the Chopper/Blender SE is four drums per hour, which enables customers to process products almost immediately from the cold room and ultimately reduce electricity costs that come with products sitting in refrigerators or chillers for an extended amount of time.


From fruit juices, non-carbonated beverages, or dairy-based drinks, our complete line of equipment solutions, from primary processing to final retail packaging, has the capability and versatility to get the job done. Learn more about our juice and beverage solutions by visiting