For any customer purchasing new JBT equipment, the downtime involved before it is properly up-and-running can translate to lost money. A&B Process Systems’s Installation Services use only the highest quality materials and draw on an expert installation team to ensure speedy, efficient – and above all – safe integration for process piping and new equipment to meet the tightest start-up schedules.  

Whether you are a customer in the food, beverage or pharmaceutical industries, the effective installation of process piping and new equipment – in a way that allows a plant as a whole to continue to properly function – is crucial. 

Efficient and effective
JBT’s expert installation team is made up of welders, fitters, supervisors and project managers who strictly comply with stringent industry standards for hygienic/high purity process piping, equipment fabrications, and process component selection. 

Services provided include process piping installation, equipment rigging and stainless steel construction services. JBT project management experts additionally provide accurate, detailed estimates and reports relating to labor and material costs.

“When we talk about process piping, it’s all of the pipe and tube that connects all of the equipment to each other and to the rest of the plant,” explains James Murkowski, Director of Installation at JBT’s A&B Process Systems.  “We pride ourselves on the finished installation being not only functional, but also aesthetically-pleasing.  It is imperative that the plant can function without disruptions in the flow.”

Safety first
JBT, Murkowski continues, excels in not only providing a quality product, but also on making safety a priority. “Our installation crew has logged well over 600,000 hours without a lost time accident,” he says. 

Complementary to the installing of piping and tubing, A&B’s Installation team provides the setting of JBT equipment – from large fillers to small hopper tanks – to make sure everything is ready to function in optimum conditions from the moment the power is turned on. 

Project management
But what is it that makes JBT’s A&B Process Systems’ Installation Services really stand out from the crowd? Murkowski singles out the quality of JBT’s craftsmanship, the company’s almost 50-year experience and its strong safety record. JBT’s position in the market also provides access to materials that otherwise can be challenging to source given current supply shortages, she says.

“Our project management, construction managers and crews, even down to how we set-up our job trailers and job stations on site – which give our team all the data they need at their fingertips – really make a difference,” Murkowski adds. 

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