Whether looking to improve yield, quality, and throughput on established products, exploring new packaging options or market opportunities, or seeking regulatory approval, JBT can assist with a range of proven, effective solutions for customers as part of the JBT Expert Assurance program. Developed to support customers every step of the way, JBT Expert Assurance is to be further expanded worldwide over the coming months to provide customers with unparalleled training, product testing, consulting, and software optimization wherever they might be located.

Here, Narsi Ponagandla, JBT Research & Technology Center Manager for Diversified Food & Health, explains the thinking behind JBT Expert Assurance and details how the initiative is set to benefit customers worldwide.

JBT Expert Assurance is a tailored service that has been developed to facilitate the improvement of performance, cost optimization, and food safety of operators for customers worldwide. We offer customized service solutions to meet individual needs, from training and support to expert consultation.

Through Expert Assurance, JBT helps customers obtain the most out of existing equipment, test new product and packaging concepts – and get those products certified – and ensure their employees receive the necessary training to maximize quality, safety, yield, and throughput.

To do this, the JBT Expert Assurance Offering includes four categories of service, which will be strengthened and expanded over the coming months and years: Consulting services; Testing services; Training & Certification services; and Software services. In addition to offering these services in a more uniform, easy-to-understand format, we will be rolling them out across JBT global regions, including those that have previously been underrepresented. All with the aim of becoming a one-stop services solution for our customers.


Consulting Services

JBT Expert Assurance’s Consulting Services focuses on process expertise using JBT experts across the globe. These services are designed to support our customers’ efficiency improvement programs.  Our experts carry out a full analysis of production processes and provide a strategic plan for increasing yield, quality, and throughput. Recognized by the FDA, USDA, and other regulatory services, JBT’s Process Authority consulting services cover everything from increasing primary juice yields in juice processing to validating or re-validating sterilization equipment. These services – which validate food safety, shelf-life, and packaging among many other areas – are just as crucial for the fast-developing plant-based foods sector as they are for non-citrus fruits and vegetables and the pharmaceutical industry.


Testing Services

A key JBT strength is our large number of Research & Technology Centers, which offer state-of-the-art testing capabilities to customers worldwide. Our specialists, who have conducted tens of thousands of application tests on a wide variety of food products, work with customers to develop and trial new products on a small scale before they are released for large-scale production. JBT is continuing to invest systematically in these Technology centers to expand their capabilities, plus we have plans in place to open new facilities in the Asia Pacific region to expand our testing services to customers across all areas of the globe.


Training & Certification

At JBT, we have the know-how and expertise to help customers achieve their production and quality goals through our Training and Certification services. JBT Technical Schools offer training covering a wide range of process areas. These include the Thermal Processing Academy, which covers all thermal processing-related concepts for in-container sterilization, the FDA-certified Better Process Control School – a required course for processors of low-acid or acidified foods who export to the US – and the Heat-seal Master Class, among others. We are now planning to expand the Technical Schools into under-served regions.

We further offer Product Specific Training, delivering support to customers who have invested in JBT equipment to help ensure effective operation for the highest possible yield, quality, and throughput.


Software Services

Effective process-related software is critical to obtain the most out of systems and solutions. For this reason, JBT has developed specialized software for process modeling and optimization to help reduce mistakes and increase process efficiency, enabling customers to save time and resources. Such software includes JBT NumeriCAL, the most advanced thermal process software for hermetically sealed packages undergoing sterilization; TunaCAL, mathematically modeled software for optimizing tuna processing; and AseptiCAL for effective aseptic processing of low and high acid foods. Added to this are the world-class factory automation software solutions for packaging lines offered by AutoCoding Systems. And we plan to expand our software solutions moving forward.


Sustainability Support

Looking to achieve a more sustainable business? JBT is committed to supporting customers worldwide in becoming more sustainable through greater control of energy and water resources and the reduction of unnecessary waste. JBT provides a wide range of solutions that will not only improve a company’s sustainability record but which also make sound business sense. These include systems for extracting valuable essential oils from lemon peel that would otherwise go to waste through to the Heat Recovery System for the Continuous Rotary Sterilizer, a solution that can reduce steam use by up to 40%.

But far from just being available at JBT centers, such training, support, and testing is increasingly available onsite at customer facilities or online; all with the aim of supporting customers to make sure they meet their process, quality, yield, and throughput goals. With JBT Expert Assurance, we have the expertise, assurance, and knowledge to help you reach your goals.