Coding and packaging errors can be a costly problem for any company in the food and beverage industries. In fact, incorrectly coded or packaged goods is a major cause of product recalls, which can damage company reputations and relationships with customers.

To avoid such problems, AutoCoding Systems‘s packaging line automation solutions set-up and control printers, barcode scanners and other packaging line equipment, including Proseal tray sealers and case packing equipment, to ensure the coded information, packaging film and labels relating to food, drink and other products are always correct. 

All information relating to a product is stored in the AutoCoding database and deployed automatically to the devices at job-start, avoiding the need for manual intervention.  Users can be sure that all products leaving the factory have been coded with the correct information and, by using continual inline scanning of the packaging or film, they can also be sure that the product is packed correctly.

As well as improving accuracy, the AutoCoding solution can increase line efficiency. By automating the set-up of printers and other packaging line devices, with the ability to link directly to an existing business system, there is a significant reduction in job set-up and changeover time. The return on investment can be measured in terms of savings on downtime and the reduction of repetitive manual tasks. If downtime is reduced, and the packaging line runs for longer, uninterrupted periods, efficiency and productivity increases.

AutoCoding Systems US will be part of JBT’s booth this October at both Pack Expo, Chicago and IFPA’s Global Produce and Floral Show, alongside their sister company, Proseal US. Visitors to the shows will see how coding and packaging errors can be avoided by using AutoCoding’s packaging line automation solutions.  

AutoCoding Systems will also be demonstrating their automatic print inspection solution, 4Sight which uses an innovative method of inspection known as inspection depth.  The versatility of the solution means it can be set for varying levels of inspection allowing users to determine acceptable print quality tolerances and define what is considered a good read and bad read on a per product basis.

Additional value add modules are available from AutoCoding Systems such as Paperless Quality, Line Performance Reporting and Inspection Reporting offering greater automation opportunities across the packaging line.

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AutoCoding Systems with be exhibiting as part of the JBT family at Pack Expo – McCormick Place, Chicago from October 23-26 (Booth #LU7118) and at IFPA Global Produce – Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando from October 27-29 (Booth #209).