Lakeland, FLJBT Corporation, a leading technology solutions provider to the global food and beverage industry, announces the launch of its SuperStaticTM Retort, a cutting-edge stainless steel retort solution that offers reduced process times, energy consumption, floor space, and more. The improved solution achieves target food safety and shelf-stability objectives with lower costs and greater productivity.

Designed to sterilize an array of food and beverage products, the SuperStaticTM Retort is equipped with enhanced heating and cooling technology to ensure uniform and efficient thermal processing of shelf-stable products. Customers also benefit from steam and water savings, while maximizing product throughput with the SuperStaticTM Retort’s unique features. Initial tests of the technology showed come up ​​time reductions of up to 30% and cooling time reduction of up to 34% for convective products.

“The SuperStaticTM retort is a patent pending solution that, among other improvements, shortens the overall process time, equipping our customers across the food and beverage industry with the technology to simultaneously increase product output and save energy,” said Rick Wilson, global product line director at JBT Corporation. “Furthermore, this technology could result in fewer retorts overall, reducing capital expenditure and requiring less floorspace.”

“With its sustainability benefits, the new SuperStaticTM retort is another example of JBT’s commitment to continued innovation across our product lines,” said Carlos Fernandez, Executive Vice President of JBT Corporation and President, Diversified Food and Health. “JBT is proud to bring this unique solution to market that addresses critical needs for our customers and our planet.”

The SuperStaticTM Retort also includes JBT’s processing management system LOG-TEC™, which provides customers a user-friendly interface for review and approval of thermal process cycles. The LOG-TEC™ system also provides an overview of ongoing retort phases, a listing of manual interventions, and a summary of alarms with a quick link to process trending.

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