The profile of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the wake of a global pandemic, has arguably never been higher. But, like all other commercial industries, there is always pressure on costs and schedules. JBT Pharma Solutions from JBT A&B Process Systems is rightly known for the scope of its tailored projects, but also for its ability to deliver large projects within an expedited schedule.

A&B works with a broad customer base for a wide variety of liquid pharmaceutical products, including traditional IV bags, animal vaccines, sophisticated parenteral drugs for injections, A&B focuses on a collaborative approach with customers and their partners to deliver effective results. 

Their solutions include everything from sanitary vessels and agitation, to skidded systems (media and buffer; solutions prep; formulation), bioreactors and fermenters, Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems, platforms, process piping and installation. In process piping alone, A&B has installed over 8m feet of high purity piping throughout North America. A&B’s customized equipment design also enables customers to optimize chemical, water and energy consumption and benefit from reduced cleaning times.

Risk Reduction
“We make sanitary process equipment for all liquid forms of medicines, including everything from bioreactors to the production of traditional syrups to equipment for next generation gene therapy and monoclonal antibody therapies, so it’s a wide range,” explains JBT’s Global Director- Pharmaceutical Product Line, Dave Mitchell. “If it involves mixing, batching, blending, that’s our expertise.”

Mitchell describes A&B as a full-scope integrated company, covering process engineering and design, tank/vessel and skidded systems, automation and install. “There’s no-one else in the industry that combines that whole scope like we do,” he says. “The other aspect is just our sheer size: literally how big we can scale, plus we’re very well-known for being able to deliver time-sensitive projects with short lead times.”

Another key element of the A&B offer is cost savings. As Mitchell explains, A&B can reduce a customer’s capital expenditure and schedule, plus carry out complementary, parallel activities for custom-designed projects. “In addition to that, you have lower risks because there is less likelihood of scope-gaps, missing scope between suppliers in traditional Design-Bid-Build projects that happens often in the industry,” Mitchells adds.

Sustainable Partnership
JBT has a vast experience when it comes to the life cycle management of equipment and helping keep operations running with highest yield. Further supporting technical and operational staff, JBT offers PRoCARE® service agreements tailored to customer needs. The PRoCARE® program combines remote, augmented support, training and scheduled maintenance visits from JBT technicians to maintain equipment in optimum conditions.

Whether you’re looking to augment your current set-up or build out a whole new manufacturing facility, JBT has everything you need from design till end-of-life cycle. JBT, a sustainable partner working together for better results.

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