Looking for an all-in-one system for sorting and cooling or freezing fresh vegetables? The newest addition to the JBT family of companies, Urtasun, could well have the solution that makes your vegetable processing operation more efficient. Especially for companies seeking efficient, effective solutions for processing frozen peas, broccoli, spinach, green beans, cauliflower and mixed combinations, Urtasun offers systems that cover everything from receiving through washing and cutting to blanching and post-freezing care.

With a long record of excellence in southern Europe, the arrival of Spain-based Urtasun to the JBT family will bring its innovative systems to processors worldwide – from North America to Asia. 

“Urtasun specialises in vegetable processing systems, in fresh, packaged and frozen, for products such as peas, spinach, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower,” says Ryan Pereira, President of JBT’s Fresh Products & HPP division. “The addition of Urtasun will create new synergies with JBT’s fresh produce technology and FTNON divisions, as well as will JBT’s freezer business.”

Key solutions
Pereira believes Urtasun’s solutions could find particular favor in the US, where consumers tend to buy frozen options if buying for vegetable soups or other recipe options. “An Urtasun machine can handle high production capacities of up to 25 tonnes of vegetables per hour; in contrast, a typical FTNON machine will handle one tonne per hour because it’s fresh,” he explains.

Key solutions offered by Urtasun include: its signature vibratory shakers, which are designed for functions such as separating and removing pebbles, debris and even insects from vegetables
before processing, dewatering and distribution; the patented spinach Hydrocutter, which uses a water jet to get spinach portions in any weight; and the integrated steamer-cooler.

Meanwhile, one of Urtasun’s newest solutions, the Hygenic Design Blancher, improves both food hygiene and operator safety by giving complete access for cleaning inside and outside, thanks a curved design that helps eradicate the accumulation of products and a minimal contact between components.

Urtasun also has a long history of working closely with JBT freezer brand Frigoscandia, with Frigoscandia freezers often being combined with Urtasun’s vegetable processing systems.

Removing unwanted debris: Urtasun’s signature vibratory shakers

Global expansion
But rather than simply being of benefit to JBT, Pereira says Urtasun’s integration will give the company access to industries where it currently has little of no presence, such as the canned vegetable market where JBT has traditionally been a strong player. Additionally, North America and Asia look to have particular potential for Urtasun’s solutions. 

“Urtasun has traditionally focused on southern Europe, but I believe conditions now exist for the company to go global as part of JBT, where they will benefit from JBT’s existing relationships with many of the leading names in processed vegetables,” Pereira adds.

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