Out of all the produce categories, soft fruit is perhaps the one with the greatest variety of products, sizes, colors and shapes, not to mention the multiple pack designs and SKUs demanded by grocery retail customers. Packing berry cartons in cases can also be labor-intensive at a time when labor is in short supply. 

To meet both these challenges, JBT Proseal has introduced the new high-speed fully automatic CP3™ case packing system. The patent pending CP3 offer customers a complete primary and transit packing solution that complements Proseal’s extensive range of tray sealing machines. 

Berry packing using a JBT Proseal tray sealer


Delivering flexibility
Maximizing throughput is at the core of the CP3, with Proseal’s proven ProMotion tray infeed system able to control the flow of trays using following motion and intelligent buffering technology, enabling continuous feeding of the case packer.

Bringing flexibility, the system can handle a wide variety of pack formats, including pots and sandwich packs, in materials such as A-PET, C-PET and board, while auto tool technology enables fast and easy format changes. Quick Release (QR) conveyors also enable swift removal and replacement to speed up and simplify cleaning and maintenance.

Real flexibility of change-over: the JBT Proseal CP3

Labor reduction
“Saving on labor is the big win for our customers thanks to the CP3’s automation,” explains JBT Proseal’s Head of Business Development, Eddie Holmes. “For soft fruit packing, the CP3 brings a real flexibility of change over. We found that the competition were good machines that would run on one product type all day – a lot of pack houses have multiple SKU’s for multiple supermarkets so a quick change and simple recipe-based set up goes along way.”

Ongoing support
In common with other JBT systems, the customer care team offers comprehensive training programs supporting your team in using your CP3 with utmost efficient way.

Further ensuring the CP3 remains in prime working shape, JBT offers the option adding a JBT PRoCARE® service agreement as part of a good life cycle management. The JBT PRoCARE® program combines remote, augmented support, scheduled maintenance visits from JBT technicians, and other services tailored to your needs. Customer care is committed to support you and your team to sustain an optimum equipment performance.

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