Clean, safe and capable of extending product shelf-life, High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology from JBT Avure offers enviable benefits to customers, but until now producers have been limited in the volumes they can process at any one time. The introduction of JBT Avure’s FlexiBulk™ – the only bulk HPP machine able to handle individual packages and bulk processing in the same cycle – marks a breakthrough in pasteurization technology.

Designed for flexible bulk HPP processing, the FlexiBulk’s increased packing density enables up to 80% more throughout in the same machine without the need for modifications to existing equipment. In fact, the FlexiBulk is the only retrofittable bulk HPP machine in the world, which means you can add the technology to your existing Avure HPP machine.

Optimal flexibility is at the core of the FlexiBulk design, allowing operators unparalleled choice in the treatment of whatever type of packaging the customer requires. Plus, the FlexiBulk’s patent-pending fill head – using commercial available JBT aseptic bags – reduces labor and leverages JBT’s long experience and knowhow of aseptic processing.

More than this, the Flexibulk enables producers to improve their sustainability record by allowing the pasteurization of glass, cartons, aluminum cans and other recyclable materials not normally available to HPP. In the process, the FlexiBulk contributes towards the circular economy by minimizing the plastic waste that would otherwise be produced.

To further enhance its credentials, the FlexiBulk can be added to the Avure AV-X, the fastest, most efficient HPP machine in the world, capable of processing 500 lbs (60 gallons) in one minute. FlexiBulk customers will also now be able to benefit from remote support through JBT’s innovative Internet-Of-Things iOPS platform, a secure big data analytics technology that gathers and analyzes your JBT equipment and process performance in real time.

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