From the COP 2021 summit in Glasgow, Scotland to growing interest in vegan dining and dairy alternatives, the concept of sustainability is gaining momentum worldwide, but how can food and drink processors convert their working practices to become more sustainable? And equally importantly, how can they do this without it costing the earth?

JBT has developed a range of sustainable solutions for companies working across food and drink processing industries, which offer practical, cost-effective systems for becoming more efficient and more sustainable. Here, are just four of the many options JBT offers:

JBT’s ReadyGo d-LIMONENE is the perfect solution for citrus processors looking to get more out of their orange, lemon or lime harvests, by delivering a means of monetizing leftovers and waste that otherwise has to be disposed of. In fact, not only is it financially wasteful to dispose of citrus leftovers, it can also create contamination problems in surrounding land and waterways. Instead, the JBT ReadyGo d-LIMONENE works by retrieving potentially-lucrative essential oils from the waste, including d-LIMONENE, a substance used as an ingredient in everything from industrial cleaners to food flavorings and cosmetics.

CoreTakr Flex
An intelligent, flexible robotic decoring technology, featuring product data management capabilities, JBT FTNON’s CoreTakr Flex™ enables customers to gain a competitive advantage and benefit from a sustainable solution that reduces waste while increasing yield and quality. More than just speed, the CoreTakr Flex, which can handle a wide range of leafy products including iceberg lettuce, radicchio romaine lettuce, celery and others, also offers unparalleled accuracy. As well as decoring up to 2,400 heads per hour, the CoreTakr Flex produces an average of only 6% waste compared with averages of 11-13% using other decoring methods.

Heat Recovery System (HRS)
Steam is a common means of sterilization in the food production process, but its usage can add up to considerable energy costs. JBT’s Heat Recovery System (HRS) for the Continuous Rotary Pressure Sterilizer is helping customers improve sustainability at the production level by achieving optimum savings during the sterilization process for products requiring a pre-heater. Offered as an upgrade package for customers with existing and new Continuous Rotary Pressure Sterilizers, the HRS can deliver a steam usage reduction of up to 40% and decrease the overall thermal load of the cooling tower, resulting in substantial energy savings. The system also offers a high return on investment, with a payback within two-three years based only on steam reduction costs.

AsepFlex Aseptic Pouch Filler
In recent years, pouches have grown in popularity as a simple, convenient way of packaging baby foods, purees, soups and other products. But their popularity has also raised concerns about the sustainability of the non-recyclable plastic commonly used by most pouches. But how can recyclable pouches be safely filled without damaging their integrity through subjecting them to high temperatures? JBT’s innovative AsepFlex Linear Pouch Filler system is now providing customers with the means of switching to fully PP or PE pouches without suffering the detrimental effects of hot filling on the material.

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