PRoCARE™ program includes overhaul and inspection service provided by trained and experienced technician
Overhaul Service Include:

• Internal and external cleaning of equipment
• Complete inspection of cradle, brush gear motor and pump motor
• Complete cleaning of control panel air filter
• Complete cleaning of filtration system, water level switches and tank
• Replacement of brushes, pinch valves, pump seal and cradle bumpers
• Replacement of worn nozzles and adjust spray as needed
• Replacement of hoses, limit switches and operators as needed
• Grease bearings as needed
• A parts kit will be included with each program
• Detailed report of overhaul activities and recommendations

 Inspection Visits Include:

• Multi-point visual inspection of critical components
• Inspection and evaluation reports provided after each visit
• Service provided by trained and experienced technicians

**A written estimate will be provided for any additional recommended parts and ser-vices beyond those covered by this program


Your business earnings and profits are directly related to how much you can produce in a given time, which in turn depends on performance, reliability and availability of your equipment. This requires that each machine is regularly serviced and optimized to deliver the best results. JBT PRoCARE™ offers peace of mind that allows you to produce as planned with optimum performance from your equipment throughout its working life.


JBT’s greatest value in PRoCARE™ services come from preventing unexpected costs through smart, purposeful, and timely maintenance. Beyond emergency services, JBT gives you preventative maintenance based on unmatched knowledge and expertise. It’s a partnership that helps you achieve a steady even budget that can save you money, year after year.


JBT is about making sure your equipment is performing to your best advantage – optimizing your production and minimizing downtime. That is why, before we start our maintenance program, we perform a deep inspection of your equipment to ensure everything is running as it should.


We understand that possibly the most stressful situation you face in your day-to-day work is equipment breakdown, which is why we tailor our maintenance services to your equipment to keep it running. We anticipate your needs, providing proactive services and documents to help your staff perform the appropriate care and operating procedures