ModelR® is the brand name for JBT equipment that has been fully refurbished in keeping with the same high quality manufacturing standards as new equipment. Through the ModelR concept, JBT is aiming to make better use of world’s precious resources by reusing major heavy machine components that require a lot of energy to make.

ModelR can lower a customer’s carbon footprint via a sustainable solution that can reduce their impact on the environment. By using less energy, JBT’s Model ‘R’ or ‘Rebuilt’ offers a means of acquiring warranty protected JBT equipment – featuring new electronics and components in an existing frame – while complying with current safety standards, and all at an attractive price.

Over recent years, JBT’s Sint Niklaas, Belgium facility, which specializes in filling, closing and sterilization equipment, has successfully repurposed a number of machines under the ModelR concept. Here, Rex Pattyn, Customer Care Sales Manager for JBT Diversified Food & Health, elaborates on the mutual benefits of the ModelR solution.

What are the major customer benefits that ModelR offers?

Rex Pattyn (RP): JBT fillers and seamers can make a tangible difference to the effectiveness and efficiency of food and beverage processors’ operations, but budgets do not always stretch to cover the cost of new machinery. In this case we help our customers to look for a cost-effective solution required for the production demands at hand. The machines that we buy back from customers, we are able to bring back to the market, with the result that the customers returning experience a lower decommissioning cost and those who have bought a ModelR are getting a machine that is nearly new. JBT’s ModelR solution helps to reduce the carbon footprint which is an additional added value.

Can you elaborate a bit more on the Industry-standard solution?

RP: The JBT ModelR program retains the original filler and seamer frames and some parts, but brings in all-new, state-of-the-art electronics and components, with wear and tear elements discarded. A risk assessment is also carried out on all recycled parts, with everything updated to current standards before being reinstalled in the filler or seamer.

ModelR signifies ‘Rebuilt’ and the price of these machines is typically new minus approximately 30%. The difference is as of the fact that the cost is less than manufacturing a new machine because the frame and critical parts are already there, while all the rest is replaced.

Customers get a true industry-standard JBT machine complete with a warranty at a very attractive price. This helps customers who want to buy a JBT machine but don’t have the budget available.”

What differentiates a JBT ModelR machine from a refurbished JBT machine that is offered to the market by a machine trader?

RP: We don’t just clean a machine and give it a new coat of paint, we completely strip the components, deep clean the machinery, coat it, and bring everything up to current industry safety standards, so it’s a completely different approach from that of a normal secondhand machine trader. It’s treated and quality checked like a piece of new equipment.

JBT strives to keep up-to-date with industry safety and technological standards. While still providing warranty protected equipment, customers can procure a more sustainable machine and stay within their budgets.

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