The JBT Bin Scrubber System (S-Series) sets a new industry standard. It is a patented technology, which maximizes cleaning efficiency, food safety, and cost savings solutions. With increased scrutiny on food safety, the JBT Bin Scrubber System sets a new industry standard for bin cleaning and sanitation. Unique in its ability to physically scrub, this energy efficient system reduces operating costs while leaving bins cleaner than those washed manually or by other competing units that only use high pressure water. The Bin Scrubber System achieves exceptional cleaning of both plastic and wood bin surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas such as corners and slats.

Designed for installation into existing bin lines and off-line configuration, the easy-to-use operator interface allows quick adjustment of cleaning cycle times depending on line speeds and dirt loads. The water used in the cleaning process is filtered and recycled into a 500 gallon containment system, reducing overall water consumption and providing an opportunity for waste minimization and cost savings. With an optional JBT Chemtrol ph/ORP controller, food safety record keeping is simple and accurate.

Some key features about the Bin Scrubber System S-Series:

  • Cleans and scrubs up to 200 bins per hour
  • Low horsepower motors reduce energy cost over competitive units
  • Electric gear motor driven cradle eliminates maintenance of hydraulic systems and fluid contamination
  • Excellent water containment allows for low water consumption
  • Designed for existing bin lines or stand-alone off-line system
  • Automated bin sequencing with photo-eye sensors and limit switches
  • Stainless steel construction; provides a durable, long lasting, and food safe system
  • 500 gallon water tank with built in filter; adequate storage for daily use