The Smart AccuFlow System is a comprehensive system that maximizes the efficiency of any packinghouse wax application layout. A patented photo bar monitors the volume and distribution of fruit entering the waxer bed, and relays the data to computer boards which:

• Adjust wax pump output over distinct zones on the waxer bed
• Adjust in-feed conveyor speed
• Adjust dryer conveyor speed
• Control fruit clean-out bars

When fruit flow to the waxer bed is low, the system automatically slows down the in-feed conveyor to allow complete accumulation and more even fill along the delivery. Wax pumps adjust to apply more or less coating resulting in a more consistent application of coating and fungicide in the wax bed. The Smart AccuFlow System is capable
of controlling dryer conveyor speeds, a critical step to ensuring proper drying of fruit coating. Because coated fruit advances through the dryer at a proper pace, dryers can be set at lower temperature ranges saving energy costs. Whenever fruit flow drops to a pre-set minimum, the Smart AccuFlow can activate fruit clean-out bars to move fruit out of the waxer bed and into the dryer. This solves over-waxing issues which can lead to high fungicide residues.

The system includes a Waxer Primer that allows the customer to prime the waxer brush bed with coating prior to running fruit. Although the system has a programmed wax application rate, an external bias knob is present giving a grade supervisor the capability to adjust rates as needed to accommodate lot variances – coarse or green fruit can receive more wax, while smooth fruit can receive a little less.